Five Are Live

We’re growing forward!  Today is an exciting day!  Five podcasts are now “live” and ready for your listening pleasure.     Tune In and Listen 

In the first episode, we started off rather nervously when the mic went “hot.” Actually, it was a rather awkward moment electronically  captured and left in to keep the feel of an “organic” podcast, which keeps the  ambiance of everything we do. In fact, it is so organic and kept LA “au naturel” that often times you will hear the chickens clucking, the roar of a  gushing “waterfall” (aka a LA  freeway during rush hour) and “ghetto” birds (aka  helicopters). Hopefully, we’ll get more comfortable in the future  (hint, hint to you know who *wink* to not mumble so much!). We would also like feedback from our listeners so that the podcast can evolve into what you’d want to hear.

As many of you know, this year was an especially difficult one for our family and the homestead community.  We lost 3 close friends (Rob & Elise Sandiford, Duane Thorin) and our father (Jules Dervaes Jr)  in less than a year. 

Not long after our father’s memorial, two of our friends approached us with an idea – how about  a podcast?   A podcast had been on our TO DO list for years; we just didn’t have the time or man/woman power.  But our friends Tom & Martha Sweeney did.  They had the vision and energy to push us towards planting one of the idea seeds in the ground.   We thank them and their daughter, Vera, for encouraging us, cheer leading us forward, and for putting up with us.  Also, we thank Tom Fair who, four years ago, was inspired to write and record what is now our podcast theme song.  And, yes, we are actually singing in the background!

So far, we’ve pre-recorded almost 20 episodes, some of which include the following: special guest Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary; Mike McAfee Organic Pastures; Chef Onil; and Lil Mo … with more to come!

Last, but not least, THANK YOU to our podcast patrons and fans worldwide ( Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Facebook).    

Your ongoing support is truly and greatly appreciated. 

From our family to yours – keep on growing!

The Dervaes family

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