Sunday night the fire goes up and along the top of the ridge (view from our garage roof)

The fire is still raving our beloved San Gabriels not only did it char many a hikers favorite trails and idyllic canyons (Upper Arroyo Seco, Millard, Mt Lowe), but yesterday a sad turn of events when it turned deadly – two firefighters were killed in an accident.

Unfortunately, there’s no end in sight for this fire, now the historic Mt Wilson Observatory is under threat.

In a way, since these mountains haven’t burned in over 50 years such a fire (if not man made) could be nature’s way of cleansing and restoring her ecological balance.

The “Station fire” has claimed well over 40,000 acres of forested area and 18 homes and now two lives.

Though many churches and schools have been disrupted, under a cloud of smokey haze life continues “as normal” here on the urban homestead.   Ripe veggies, fruits, hungry animals and empty dirt wait for no one.

Stay tuned for our weekly meal wrap up and urban homestead goings on.

Update: Fire Burns over 85,000 acres


  1. CE says:

    Up here in Washington we have, so far, escaped a bad fire season. With our very early and very hot spring and summer I thought we would have a summer of smoke. We get grass and brush fires from people throwing cigarettes out the windows and that is all it takes. About 4 years ago we had to keep the windows closed almost every other week due to the smoke. It was not pleasant. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all your SoCal neighbors. Sounds like you may get rain in 2 days from the Cat 3 off Baja if it keeps on course.

  2. Cindie K. says:

    Only folks living so closely with nature could reframe the devastation of the fires as a “cleansing.” I hope you are right. If anyone could sense a positive purpose for the wildfires, it would be you. Continuing to pray for the safety of your family, your animals, and your homestead. Even in the midst of the the current crisis surrounding your world, you remain a major source of inspiration!

  3. Tracy says:

    Prayers for the families of those firefighters; and for all those whose homes are in the path.

  4. Jan says:

    Oh my, I have been watching on the news about how the fires are spreading. Hopefully the rain will come to you all soon with little wind. We will continue to pray for all of you in SoCal.

  5. Stacy says:

    They evacuated folk mere blocks from our house earlier today, but so far our place seems to be out of a direct line of fire. The kid and I are still with friends in Reseda, but dad stayed home tonight so at least my garden will get watered! Air quality is really the biggest concern – afternoon breezes blow it all NE and leave air quality lovely in the evenings, but by morning it’s all settled back down and chokes us. Yay for local friends with well filtered air conditioners!

  6. Janice says:

    Boy those fires are getting awfully close! Over here in West Covina, the fire was finally visible between the rooflines. We were fortunately to avoid the smoke until today. We are getting small flakes of ash on our property. Our prayers are with you.

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