Setting a tradition

Friday Night Dinner

Friday nights are a special night here on the urban homestead. For Sabbath eve, we gals set a formal table with lace tablecloth, white napkins, nice plates, silverware and crystal (all passed down from our grandparents). Our family isn’t usually formal but Friday night dinners are about as formal a setting we get here on the urban homestead. Actually, it’s a nice change and a tradition for one meal a week.

Since the house continues to stay clean, we had a couple over for dinner on Friday and they commented on how nice our table was set.

Speaking of a clean house: When we’d get disorganized (because we were so busy and also lack proper storage space) and our house was a mess, the worst and most dreaded incident would happen. Someone either dropped by (oh, the horrors) or someone called to say they were coming to visit and we’d all have to run around like cleaning banshees.

Years ago, our father, being a practical man, gave us some useful advice about good housekeeping practices — and it worked! He said if we each made it a habit to tidy/pick up as we go and keep the house presentable at all times with the attitude “just in case someone were to drop by” keeping house would be much easier. Hey, I’m a sucker and fall for anything with the “e” word. His advice worked and housekeeping actually become fun.

I know that must be hard to believe, but a clean house is easy if you can get a good tight grip on it. Recently, we’ve been a bit lax in reigning in the wild beast. Our housekeeping routine was severely disrupted this year which led to an untidy and extremely dusty house (no thanks to the construction); however, with the new year just ahead of us and now with a good hold on the reigns, we aim to do our best to keep it that way. So, anyone who happens to be in the neighborhood and knocks on the door, won’t freak us out. I can happily let them in, say for a cuppa tea.

Html Stuff

I finally had time to sit down and read through some of our readers’ helpful suggestions on what I can do to strip the old html out of the old journal entries so we can move to a WordPress format. Right now, I am using our DreamWeaver software. From there I use backend editing since it highlights all the html coding; however, I still have to manually remove the excessive html which is driving me batty. My brain is in overload at the moment and is baulking at processing any new information. Hopefully the fog will clear so I can sit down and try the tips and methods that were kindly given by our readers.

Free Trees Offer

This winter we are going to expand our fruit tree hedge, adding a few more peaches and perhaps some citrus. The peaches that seem to do quite well on our property are the “Pride” varieties. The “Prides” require only about 200 hours of chilling. One of our Eva’s Prides is already producing buds and it’s only December!

Lucky for us Pasadena offers its residents rebates for shade trees (along with many other great “green rebates”) The City will rebate up to $60 on the purchase of a 5 gallon tree! Better yet, the list includes some edibles like avocado, citrus and peach. Over the past few years we’ve taken advantage of this program and have been able to purchase (free) over a dozen trees. This is a rebate we urban farmers can’t refuse – free (edible) trees providing both shade and fruit.

Jules has been visiting the local nurseries on a fruit tree reconnaissance mission to find the best looking 5 gallon fruit trees. He’s formulating a list and going over with Justin on where he is planning on planting them.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: VF $50.00 donation. Thank you for your support. Our family wishes you a blessed and bountiful new year.

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