Yippidy do da!

The ultimate solar-air food dryers are here! Took (unmentionable) long enough, but the FOOD PANTRIES DRYERS are finally here

We really, really thank you for your patience on this.  What a frustration!

If we had know it would take this long for delivery we would have waited to stock them on the Peddler’s Wagon.  In fact when we ordered from the company we were told 4-6 weeks – no sweat.  Actually it turned into more like 5 months!  Unbelievable.

Anyhow, the fact is that they have been delivered to us and are IN STOCK and ready to be ordered.  So if you did place an order back in the summer, please reorder again so we can get them out to you.

Though the harvest rush is over, these nifty food pantries ( solar food dryer) are great for sprouting (I even use it to cure soap) drying herbs and more.  I like the fact that you can hang them up – in the garage or even on a clothes line.  When you are done drying your garden’s bounty, it folds down into a compact little unit and can easily be stacked on a shelf.

Even better is these food dryers are non electric!  Meaning a low impact way of drying your harvest by using the air and even the sun to dry your harvest.

We ordered our first Food Pantries back in the late 1990’s and found they really fit our urban homesteading lifestyle.  It’s great to see them available once again – and sold on our online store too!

Food Pantries Dryers NOW IN STOCK

They make great gifts for the urban homesteader or avid gardener!  Of course I am going to take a few of them for myself.  Remember when I said we are turning our garage into a barn, well, that also means hanging these versatile food pantries from the rafters!

And if you are into preserving your harvest don’t forget our Harvest Keeper Challenge.

Here’s comes an obligatory plug for the Peddler’s Wagon since it is gift giving season

The HOTTEST times this winter are

Ball Canning Kit

Sport Sun Oven

2009 Moon Calendars

Metal Water Bottle

Soil Block Maker sold out, but expecting a shipment late next week

Deluxe Food Processor

I went shopping myself and picked up some very nice, warm handmade (fair trade) knitted woolies.   Dear heavens! Me “buying” knitted item.  What’s the world coming to!  Yeah, me bad.  I have been just too darn busy to knit myself something this year so these cute little woolies are the next best option – and perfect to slip on during this cold spell.

There are other really useful items for the urban homesteader and gardener that we carry.  So don’t forget to browse around and help support PTF at the same time.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: SW $10, EP $10,  GM $20, LE $10 & EE $25. Your donations are greatly appreciated


  1. WHAT’S GOING ON | Little Homestead in the City says:

    […] FINALLY! | […]

  2. WHAT’S GOING ON | Little Homestead in the City says:

    […] FINALLY! | […]

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