We hosted a FOOD INC screening & potluck on Sunday night and you can too – in your own home!

Tomorrow night at 9 PM (April 21) PBS POV will air FOOD INC in its entirety and is encouraging folks to host a potluck too

Here are some ways you can help (I’ve taken the liberty to copy from via the POV website )

1. Share your recipes — Enter your best potluck recipes in the comments section of our recipes page so that viewers and potluck hosts can check them out.

2. Feature POV’s Food, Inc. potluck party on your site — Encourage your readers to host their own potluck parties on April 21 (or from April 22 to April 29, when the film will be streaming online). Post about the potluck and link back to our party kit and checklist. Then, have your readers who hosted potlucks tell us about their party for a chance receive free gifts — including autographed books from Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser, a DVD of the film, coffee from Equator Coffees, coupons for free Amy’s Kitchen products and more!

3. Host your own Food, Inc. potluck party and blog about it — We would love to feature bloggers who hold their own potluck parties in the next few weeks as examples to viewers who are interested in doing it the night of broadcast.

4. Get the word out — Tweet/Facebook about the POV broadcast of the film and the potluck and let your friends, family, fans and followers know how they can hold their own potlucks. We’d love it if you used the hashtag #foodincparty when you tweet so that we can track, retweet and respond to your messages.

Here is a sample tweet that we encourage you to retweet if you’re short on time.

FOOD, INC. airs on @povdocs (PBS) 4/21. Host a potluck and talk about food issues? #foodincparty

Go to POV website and sign up

Our Film & Food Event

Here’s what went down at our screening Sunday Night

Nearly 80 people attended our local screening of FOOD Inc in Pasadena Ca

The food spread was incredible and delicious.  Folks were encourage to bring something (preferably vegetarian) to contribute to the potluck. The primary focus of the ‘Locavore’ potluck is to promote eating whole foods, in their nature-made state, focusing on fresh food from local sources (or as local as possible).

If not FROM BACKYARD then locally produced.

If not LOCALLY PRODUCED, then Organic.

If not ORGANIC, then Family farm. If not FAMILY FARM, then Local business.

If not a LOCAL BUSINESS, then Fair Trade.

Folks were also encourage to bring something “HOMEGROWN” to trade and swap at the Freedom Gardens table

Good food, good times

Fellowship, networking – growing community

People crowd around the Freedom Gardens table – there were herbs, worm compost, fruits, plants, veggies and more to swap!

Justin demonstrates making soil blocks with the soil block maker

Jordanne talks about keeping citified farm animals

I explain how to use ollas/clay pot irrigation in the garden to conserve water

Farmer D introduces FOOD INC

Film was followed by a pop quiz and very thoughtful discussion.

Thanks to all who participated and the amazing food spread – great job everyone.  Not to mention, thank you to our wonderful volunteers who pitched in – couldn’t have done with without you.

Last but not least, we also want to thank PBS POV for choosing Path to Freedom’s “Little Homestead in the City” to be a participating blogger/site for this national event.

To view more photos from this event go to our FACEBOOK page


  1. Laura of Laura Williams' Musings says:

    I love looking at pic you post!

    That pasta salad looks delicious!!

  2. Juanita says:

    Thank you for hosting this evening. I was there and the food was delicious, the people inspiring and the movie very thought provoking! I’m looking forward to putting the olla I purchased to good use!

  3. marion melchiorre says:

    Dear Anias,
    Your photos show how much fun it is to get together at the potlucks. It’s the best vegetarian food in town.
    The Food,Inc documentary still is on my mind. Now, I’ll only buy my eggs and chicken from the Farmers Market vender who raises them humanely.

    The photos of the plate of asparagus and the basket of lemons are the foods that we brought! What a nice surprise to find them on your blog!!
    See you next time.

  4. marion melchiorre says:

    Here is the correct spelling of my website.

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