Now that summer’s over and kids are back in school the urban homestead is a popular field trip designation.  It’s great when kids come and visit the farm. You can feel their excitement as they learn about where their food comes from and how to live a more sustainable/low impact lifestyle – one step at a time.

The girls check out a garden spider

Farmer D shows off a praying manti

Our supermarket is here in our backyard

The ever popular “smell test”

Out come the chickens

Petting the duck

And  the star of our show… Blackberry.


Note:  While we are thankful for the recent rainfall, our thoughts and prayers are with those  for whom the rain is causing problems.  We hope that all works out for those families affected.


  1. Melissa says:

    We have not had much rainfall lately and the dust storms are playing havoc over the past few months. Your posts on “ollas” have been comforting and we have sought out potters classes as we cannot find stockists in our country. Looking forward to reading many of your future posts, Melissa is Queensland, Australia

  2. Cindie K. says:

    The Dervaes Farm should be called “Healing House.” Your home is obviously a place of healing for all your visitors and your readers.

  3. mary says:

    Love your sweet little aprons – did you make them?

    They look similar to a pattern I saw in a MaryJane’s Farm book

  4. DoubleD says:

    The kids are just engrossed – obviously a great learning day and lots of fun for them too. It looks like you give them a lot to look at, think about, and put their hands on.

  5. heather hawkes says:

    do you have homeschool groups come thru also? oh how i wish we lived near you, but maine is just a really long drive. lol


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