We urban homesteaders always love to share with children, their curiosity and excitement are infectious. Unfortunately, though we like to do more, there are just too many tour requests from schools to fit them all (no kidding) our schedule.

Today the 7th Grade class of Westridge High School visited the urban homestead and discovered a whole new world right in their city.

This class tour had been submitted awhile back and we are (slowly) getting around the the backlog of school requests.

Last year Jordanne & I gave a presentation at Westridge to the 8 th grade class on sustainable living called “Conscientious Consumer” which included the showing of THE STORY OF STUFF.

This year, with a field trip the urban homestead, I am sure all that they experienced and saw will give them lots to talk about with their friends and family.

The tour starts on the driveway

Jordanne tells about our solar panels and other sustainable urban homestead elements

I show off the solar ovens

Farmer D shows off the tromboncino squash which was about as big as the girls

Here come the chickies

Everyone gets a chance to pet the animals (chickens, ducks and goats)

You go girl.  Pedal power in action.  After the presentation, everyone enjoyed homemade smoothies and sun cooked cookies.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: CK $25 & LE $10.00 donations.  Your support is greatly appreciated allowing us to host such outreach programs like you just saw.

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