Fermentation crock and cutting up the locally grown cabbage

Homegrown carrots (seeds available at FREEDOMSEED.org)

Homegrown carrots, daikon radish, green onions and local cabbage

Pounding with a wood mortar in whey, salt and spices to release the juices

After a few days in the crock, time to put the kimchi in cold storage

Last week we had a bit of fermentation fun here on the urban homestead.  With our homegrown daikon radishes, homegrown carrots and locally grown (bartered) cabbage from a Freedom Farmer it was time to get a’fermenting (thanks for the trade!)

Making My Own Whey

I’ve never eaten or tried making vegetarian Kimchi before so I was a little unsure how this experiment would turn out.   Days before harvesting the vegetables we made the whey from yogurt.  Then was time to cut, mix and pound!

It was fun making the kimchi (recipe courtesy of ‘Nourishing Traditions‘ by Sally Fallon) as the whole kitchen filled with spicy fragrance.

On Saturday I put a spoonful of kimchi on crackers as we had some friends over for a potluck.  One of them happened to live in Korea and having eaten kimchi every day said this was the best kimchi she’s ever tasted.

So I was quiet pleased with the positive review!


  1. octopod says:

    Carrots, in kimchi? No garlic or ginger? Go figure…

  2. mary says:

    I have the Sally Fallon recipe too. It does call for ginger and garlic. Maybe Anais only wanted to use items locally grown – or she just didn’t photograph each ingredient.

  3. anne p. says:

    I highly recommend Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions” book! It contains an incredible wealth of information!

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