Thanks all for the positive comments regarding the NIGHTLINE piece. Glad you all enjoyed a sampling taste of what life is like here on the urban homestead. We’ve been receiving loads of positive emails from folks across the country (read comments left on the ABC site).

It was interesting to see how three days of filming come together into an 8 min piece. Of course, about 3/4 of the footage (and even interviews) landed on the cutting room floor – which, unfortunately, no one will ever see.

There’s a wee more extra footage here in case you are interested.

DYK that this story it’s the third most popular emailed article on ABC? It’s great to see this short segment had such a positive and inspirational impact and we are very blessed to have been able to share our journey with so many people.

A warm welcome to you all.



It’s hard to share them all, but here are a few of the best.

First, from the producer, followed by viewers:

I’m glad you guys were happy with the piece. If only I had the whole show to tell your story! In the end, there were just too many elements and aspects to squeeze in, even though we only followed you for three days. This is obviously a testament to your great work in so many areas and your thoughts on various topics. Anyhow, I hope the spirit of what you do did come through at the very least. Good luck with the urban farm… And perhaps I’ll see you around the ‘dena at some point in the future! — Best, M (ABC Producer)

Dear Dervaes,
I found your website a few weeks ago (I don’t remember for what it was I was originally searching). Since that time my children and I have been inspired to make changes that, for the better part of my life, I didn’t think were possible. My 10 year old son was doubtful when we discussed a variety of ideas. When I showed him your photos he told me he felt “empowered to change.” I was floored! What 10 year old in suburban Houston talks about empowerment?? Thank you so very much for all of the information, the inspiration and the dedication. Your family and your endeavor are amazing! — Sincerely, The E’s

Saw your segment on Nightline last night. Great! You put us farm-bred Midwesterners to shame. — Brenda

I just saw your story on ABC Nightline and I am so envious! You are doing exactly what my husband and myself would love to do.

I believe in your way of living and I think and hope that more people are beginning to realize the importance of a self-sustained life style. I wanted to respond to the story because it inspired me and I wanted to Thank You for demonstrating that it is possible, even in one of the most expensive States to live in – it is possible. — Thank You, Katie

You all are my heroes. You are the wealthiest people I have ever learned of.
You are free. — Jim

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  1. ~~Melissa says:

    My great big hope is that sometime soon one of these segment producers will realize that there’s a huge interest in this topic (as evidenced by how many people have emailed the link to the video) and produce a half hour or one hour (or more) piece. There’s so much to cover, so much to learn, so many questions. I’m quite familiar with your site and really enjoyed the piece but would love to see and hear so much more. Here’s to hoping!

  2. Ken Kunst says:

    Great piece by ABC on PTF. I’ve been reading the various comments on the ABC site, and on this one, and also read an article in Sunday’s SF Chronical about PTF. That’s the way media works…once one person does a story, other people in the media read or hear or see it, then they get interested, then if it has “legs” (which these topics obviously do these days) it all sort of snowballs into what can become a “media frenzy”…Because of the complexity of what PTF is doing, and the fact that it’s a slow, little by little process, there’s no way commercial tv can get as accurate and full picture of what it is about. Even the producer aknowledges that, and there is so much left out of stories…So editing and being able to tell a concise and meaningfull story is so difficult, and the storytellers always feel torn by all the sacrifices they throw on the cutting room floor. So ABC did the best they could with all the constraints they have. Hey, you got good press, and that can be priceless! And rest assured, because this isn’t an “OJ Trial”, I don’t think the media frenzy will swallow y’all up!
    The article in the SF Chron was a bit critical of PTF, however. The author, Philip S. Wenz, finds your actions are all well and good, but the goals of becoming self-sufficient are not achievable nor should they be. I think you all know that. He did have a good point about how we are all interdependent and vulnerable in our relationships, so self-sufficiency is not the ultimate goal for each and evry household. Yep…we all need water, air, food and shelter, and we are social creatures that need eachother and the vast and complex systems that sustain us. Thanks for listening….


  3. Anais says:

    Thanks for the comments Melissa. All our media coverage has come way of unsolicited requests. A longer segment would definitely give a more indepth view.

    Ken, thanks for the comments and heads up on the SF Gate article. In fact, till you posted we didn’t even know there was even an article since Mr Wenz never contacted us. Yes, it’s quite obvious that we can never be absolutely “self-sufficient” You are right in that we need food, water, shelter, etc. And in the end we’ll always been dependent on nature and her whims.

    Besides we are on a journey towards self sufficiency and that journey is one of many steps.

  4. Ken Kunst says:

    Anais…Glad to be helpful…part of being interdependant, eh? Yeah, Mr. Wenz should have interviewed you, and it’s real easy to want to come down on him, blah blah, but once again, you received press….and at the end of the day, it was good press, and he even helped send out positive messages about PTF. I’m glad to have sparked some deabte on the issue, and you see how devoted and defensive us “like-minded” folks can be. One thing I constantly remind myself and those around me is, to repect all the things we are “co-dependant” on….there’s so many! From the makers of that knife you’re slicing veggies with, to that old chair that a craftsman lovingly worked on 1oo years ago. We’re so so spoiled here in this country, we are so surrounded by things, (and more and more plastic junk!) that we can’t respect things anymore, and the people that made them…and now that we have “human resource departments” we can’t even respect eachother!! People rarely consider all the inventiveness, engineering, schooling and craftsmanship that goes into so many aspects of our Lives. Unfortunately, we’ve maxed out resources, labor, water supplies, etc… in the process, and that’s why we’re in the jam we’re in…too much of everything, and it’s been making humans sick and crazy for a long time now. That’s why I love that video on the history of stuff you had a link to. Great for all of us to think about, but really great for the younger ones. Thanks for all you do, again.
    In Peace and Interdependance

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