Don’t bother us, we’re laying

After years of homemade wood ones, here’s a photo of the chickens enjoying their new nesting boxes (check out the Peddler’s Wagon — these nesting boxes have drop out bottoms! Easy to clean – neato!) and homemade roost (made from recycled broom handles and scrap wood and under the roosts is a salvaged plastic bread/loaf tray used in supermarkets with layers of newspapers to catch the valuable manure).    Our backyard feathered flockery is enjoying their new home you can tell by their expressions. We still have a few things to do — flooring and putting up a feeder and shelves (made from scrap wood) for food.   Not show in the photo is the second hand (given free by friend) medium sized dog carrier which is home of the quackers, er ducks, under the chicken loft   Since duck manure is considerably more liquid than chickens the hard plastic carrying case makes it a breeze to clean.  

With backyard animals, it’s all about cleanliness – especially in the city and since vets who will treat such animals are very hard to find.   Having raised chickens since 2002, we’ve learn to treat our own animals and that’s been a learning experience which never ends.

Goat squabble. It’s mine, no it’s mine, I had it first, no I had it first

Pretty soon it’ll be on to the new goat house … after we move the beneficial bee hive on top of their roof. In the meantime, Fairlight & Blackberry fight over who gets to use the plastic igloo (found on the side of the road last week — FREE!)

Field Hand Appreciation

A big thank you to WS for her $20.00 donation. We really appreciate your support and time you put in keeping the PTF E Neighborhood up and running. So nice to have you back, you are the best!


  1. Mia says:

    I envy you your chickens. They are still on my to do list. We have plenty of room for a few hens. I just can’t decide on the best course of action. I fixed permanent enclosure where I can let them out in the yard and then back in again before night or a chicken tractor type set up.

    Your journal is inspiring!