Part 4 – Sustainable Food (UCLA Lecture)

The 19th century mantra if you wanted to prosper was … go west. The frontier offered unlimited opportunities. But, there were limits. My advice is to go back young man, go back young woman. Look at what your grandparents and great-grandparents ate? They obviously did something right—you’re sitting here, after all! They lived and carried on their line—it’s up to you now….[to protect our future]  – Jules Dervaes

Jordanne finally got around to uploading the inspiring conclusion of Farmer D’s lecture at UCLA.

Amen and pass the seeds please.

Coming up next….  Q & A with Farmer D

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  1. Nancy Kelly says:

    “they lived and carried on their line – now it’s up to you.”

    Here’s a vote for NOT carrying on your line. Unless you have a strong desire for a baby, resources to support and educate one, and excellent genes to pass on, please do yourself and the world a favor and do not carry on your line!


  2. Di says:

    I agree Nancy. Instead of making the overpopulation MORE of a problem, adopt! With the millions of homeless children out there in the world we don’t need to add to the problem.

    I just finished watching “the future of food” (borrowed from a friend) and all I can say is OMGoodness!!! If “the world according to monsanto” didn’t convince me enough this was the nail in the coffin for regular food for me! Homegrown, organic and local grown is on my families agenda!

    One thing that really concerns me is that these corporations get away with this? They are the seed mafia! These documentaries need making freely available online, people need educating, they need to know what is in their food and the consequences of it. We’ve all watched movies like mad max etc where resources are scarce, but that is the reality of where we are headed! Scary indeed!

  3. Lori says:

    I was wondering about your method of keeping hornworms off of your tomato plants…..I have a horrible time with them.

  4. Kory says:


  5. Anais says:

    Hello Lori

    Fortunately, we don’t really have trouble with hornworms. Don’t know why, if it’s where we are located? We spot a few every season, but they seem to keep under managable control – the birds love them!

    Can any of our readers help Lori out!

  6. Jan says:

    Lori – limedust works well. First pick them worms off the plants then sprinkle the plants with limedust. Its natural and cheap. Plus it will really give the garden a boost! Hope that helps.

    I have a question about my compost pile. Hmm It doesn’t seem to be composting. What am I doing wrong? I have made 3 new raised beds and wanting to place compost in them but over a year now and I have not seen black gold yet!! pLease help!

  7. Kory says:

    If your compost doesn’t seem to be composting there are 3 things I like to do to keep it cookin.

    Add green material (grass clippings work great)

    turn the pile occasionally

    pee in it…seriously.

    I have a compost question too for the PTF folks Do you add compost throughout a plant’s lifecycle like mulch or do you work it into the soil before planting time and then let it be.

  8. Anais says:


    Thanks for helping out with addressing Jan’s composting issues.

    As for how we add compost, we work into the soil throughout the season after each successive plantings.

  9. InKy says:

    On food security – The national food reserve now has enough wheat for 1/2 loaf of bread per citizen. That’s it. If that’s not concerning, I don’t know what is.

  10. Joy says:

    I just watched the documentary “The Furture of Food” on Youtube. Wow. I must admit that before I found your website, I had never heard of the word Monsanto. This corruption seems to be going on behind everyone’s backs. To that end, the documentary had only recieved about 50-60 hits when I watched it this weekend.

    I now REALLY understand what you mean when you suggest that growing your own food (and saving your seeds) is one of the only real ways to fight back. And it is so important!

    Anais, Farmer D. said in his UCLA class that Deborah Koons Garcia edited the really “bad” stuff out of the documentary. Anything that you know about and can share?

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