“Bring yourself,
Take your time,
The food will bring minds together,
As foreign as they might be,
Friends will be found in a shared experience,
Without history or gestures known,
If you have a bit of hunger, bring that as well,
We will not wear our masks here,
Come with a word,
Think about a story,
But come to eat,
We are far from peril or strong,
We are here, We are here together.” –Kinfolk

It’s been over 20 years since we make our very first farm to local restaurant sale with a “cold call.”  To celebrate this milestone and fall harvest we hosted our very first “farm to table” dinner featuring foods grown and prepared here at the homestead garden and kitchen.

On the menu that night was:

Pumpkin Soup w/ Croutons

Salad w/Honey Mustard Dressing

Vegetarian Lasagna
(homegrown/homemade )

Sourdough Bread & Herb Butter
(locally made)   (homegrown/homemade)

Pound Cake (made with Duck Eggs)
(homegrown/homemade )
w/Vanilla Ice Cream
(locally made)

Elderberry Sparkle

Live music was graciously provided by the talented duo Nancy & Phil

Homegrown music

Canning ring “pumpkins”

Table settings and dishes were “second hand”  Jordanne did a marvelous job at arranging the tables. She has the knack for such things.   Adding a touch of whimsy to the table settings she made a few “pumpkins” out of canning rings.   Aren’t they CUTE?

The table settings (cloths, dishes, etc) were all SECOND hand.

Second hand table settings

Second hand dinner ware

Second hand tables, tablecloths and chairs

Time for the guest to arrive

Dinner and song

Digging in and enjoying conversations

Naturally, we were a little nervous before our guests arrived.  Would they like the “family” table set up,  would they ENJOY the food prepared that night?

Folks arrived early, volunteers seated our guest , Nancy and Phil warmed up with one of their original songs “Everybody Needs a Garden”.  Farmer D got up and greeted everyone  and gave “thanks” for the blessings of good food and company.  After the four courses were served and everyone was chatting we all got up and joined Nancy and Phil and encouraged the guest to join us in singing “The Garden Song” by Pete Seeger.

Happy to say, the event went without a hitch, everyone LOVED the food and MUSIC.  Now that the first farm dinner is “under our belt” I say there’s more in the works!



  1. Jenny says:

    Looks like a fabulous time! The canning lid pumpkins are so clever and cute!

  2. Al says:

    It’s been always my dream to do what you did.i wish more people learn from you
    I am retired and willing to vulenteer if I can be of any help.
    Good luck to every body at the path to freedom

  3. Lori says:

    I would LOVE to know how you made the Elderberry Sparkle 🙂

  4. Ginger says:

    It sounds like a wonderful evening. I’m going to make canning ring pumpkins for you thanksgiving table. Also, thanks for liking the Garden Song, a song with great personal meaning to me.

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