“Day in, day out, the work of producing food is still one of the hardest, messiest, most all-consuming, inconvenient and financially risky occupations.”

…The mission for everyone who cares about food — even if you raise chickens or garden tomatoes, can barrel-aged hot sauce, or brew pale ale — should be to buy local. And then buy some more, regularly, every week, month and year. With enough momentum and time, consumer demand may bring on the substantial infrastructure and policy changes that small family farms need to truly thrive.

Far from being cliche, the food movement — at least for the people who labor so we can all eat better — has only just begun.”

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Our farm box program is growing into it’s second year and we are happy to announce some new offerings

What makes our program different!

1) Select from flexible payment options monthly, quarterly
2) Customize your box, select what you prefer to receive in your box
3) TRY the farm box program for two weeks, see if it works for you with our trial program
4) Add on honey, eggs, dairy, preserves, bread and more

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  1. Rise Gee says:

    Dear Anais,

    There is some new natural technology they are experimenting with in Ethiopia. Its called Warka Water. It takes moisture from the air and condenses it to water in a basket, bamboo and poly netting artifact. It is electricity free and it works in the desert climes. It is simple and very inexpensive to build. I tried to send you a photo but this comment page doesn’t allow attachments.

    I love what you have built and this year I am finally able to start my own on a small personal scale. You inspire me. Thank You,

  2. 'Stead Head says:

    Wow, Anais, this is a great program you and the rest of the Dervaes’ have going. Have you considered accepting currency such as bitcoin for the farmstand? The ethos behind bitcoin seem to align with the urban homesteading lifestyle, so I think it would be a great addition to the accepting cash and CC’s (ie. Corporate Cards 🙂 LOL).

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