Freshly picked Celeste and Petite Noir Figs / Fig jam

Yesterday, we had a request in the comment box “on the process you use to can figs?”
Here’s an excellent site on how to make Fig Jam withstep-by-step instructions (and photos)

The Great Warming on KPFK

We just got a call that Karen Koshof, producer and creator of THE GREAT WARMING, will be on the KPFK’s MORNING REVIEW tomorrow (Wednesday, Aug 9th — 7 am – 8 am) with Gabriel Gutierrez.  

They asked if we (PTF) would like to take part in the radio conversation with her and Gabriel… haven’t decided yet.   Anyhow….Path to Freedom will be hosting a film screening of the powerful documentary “global warning”this coming Sunday (August 13th / 6 pm ) The film will proceed the popular “100 Mile” Potluck.

We are living at the dawn of a new epoch. Year by year, degree by degree, Earth is growing warmer… a legacy of the Industrial Revolution, population growth, and our addiction to technology, speed and power. Just as other generations spoke of a Great Plague and a Great Depression, our children will be compelled to endure The Great Warming – and find a way to conquer its consequences.

It’s been called “THE BEST FILM ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING EVER PRODUCED.” This dramatic and enlightening 80 minute documentary narrated by Alanis Morissette and Keanu Reeves, revealing how climate change is affecting the lives of people everywhere, with stunning footage from around the world.
Check out details and make your reservation today!

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  1. Florence says:

    I would love to come see The Great Warming with you guys! Unfortunately, I live 1/2 way across the country from you. I checked to see if Netflix had it but they don’t. Any idea if it will be available on DVD? or shown in theaters?