Edible Flowers

With the shorter days and supposedly cooler temperatures, it’s the start of the edible flower season here on the urban homestead.   For 12 years now we’ve supplied clients (caterers, restaurants and tea houses) who decorate their plates and platters with our delightful assortment of edible flowers.

Flowers have traditionally been used in many types of cooking: European, Asian, East Indian, Victorian English, and Middle Eastern. Early American settlers also used flowers as food. Today, there is a renewed interest in edible flowers for their taste, color, and fragrance. Edible flowers can be used fresh as a garnish or as an integral part of a dish, such as a salad. Squash flowers can be fried in light batter or cornmeal. Some flowers can be stuffed or used in stir-fry dishes. Edible flowers can be candied; frozen in ice cubes and added to beverages; made into jellies and jams; used to make teas or wines; minced and added to cheese spreads, herbal butters, pancakes, crepes, and waffles. Many flowers can be used to make vinegars for cooking, marinades, or dressings for salad. Herbal flowers normally have the same flavor as their leaves, with the exceptions of chamomile and lavender blossoms, where the flavor is usually more subtle.
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Desire and the green cure {Sydney Herald}

People are always looking for an excuse to consume more and the latest excuse – bizarrely – is environmentalism.Let’s call it “greensumerism”. Forget the simple mantra of “less is more”; with the help of the green movement you can now indulge in a frenzy of consumerism, with each luxury purchase excused by the idea that you are helping the development of the “green” sector.People will ditch a perfectly good car in order to import the latest hybrid eco-model and expect to be praised for their sensitivity.
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Courtesy of LA Times
If you haven’t seen the news lately, So Cal is burning – thousand of acres burned, thousands evacuated and hundreds of homes lost. Fortunately,the air is calm and the skies blue where we are but others aren’t so fortunate.
California Wildfires and Global Warming {The Daily Green}

The wildfires consuming Southern California are extraordinary: Extraordinary because they have claimed so many homes. extraordinary because they started so quickly and have burned so intensely. Extraordinary because they are exhausting the formidable firefighting resources in a region used to wildfire.
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California Wildfires “Like Armageddon” {The Daily Green}

“It was nuclear winter. It was like Armageddon. It looked like the end of the world,” Mitch Mendler, a San Diego firefighter, told USA Today as homes burned throughout the Southern California landscape.
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  1. Mia says:

    My own nasturtiums did wonderfully this year. That is until something trampled them. Dog or other creature I’m not sure. But the bulk are still beautiful. I hope to add to my edible flowers next year. It’s always such ispiration to browse your site. I hope soon to be able to purchase a few things from the wagon!

  2. David says:

    Can smell this smoke wafting in the atmosphere. Praying for those throughout southern California & for rain. Air quality is diminished but still have to add on to my raised beds for the overabundance of compost & continued fall & winter harvests.

    Thanks for 411 on edible flowers :). Been enjoying rebounding nasturtiums pest averting properties & adding to my colorful salads. I’m still trying to propigate borage for their blue edible flowers, cucumber flavored leaves & the plant itself has companion planting properties amongst matoes & strawberries to help deter pest bugs. Look forward to see Swiss designed Sonnen huts in your Peddlers carriage to cover seedlings.