Fall tomatoes

Fall tomato harvest

Summer Continues

Here on the urban homestead.   No frost yet; however, no rain either.

Work Holiday

Thanksgiving, besides a time for counting our blessings and giving thanks for all that we’ve been given is also a time for all us urban homesteaders to work together on a big project. So much so that this has now become a tradition and we remember ‘Thanksgiving’s’ past by what we accomplished together.Last year was the re-roofing project (read archive post) and launch of the online store. The year before that, de paving the backyard  where we removed by hand a 30′ x 30′ slab of concrete.   Boy, I sure do wish the new photo gallery was up now so I can link to it. I have put together some really cool de paving photos in the new photo gallery that contains nearly 2,000 photos.

However, will have to do with an archive journal post. This year we had a few projects going simultaneously, though not as earth shattering as year’s past the projects accomplished over the holiday were in fact steps forward and that’s really what matters.

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