Bees loading up on sunflower pollen

“The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land. ” ~Abraham Lincoln

Happy fall, everyone!

Doesn’t it seem like every fall we homesteaders are bombarded with a slew of  last minute projects, a flurry of canning & planting and extra activity to get prepared for the winter?   Seems like the “to do” list keeps get longer and longer!  Cross one off and add a half  dozen others!

On the farm front, the garden is  looking a little “ratty” in some places; but, we are certainly being blessed with a late summer harvest of tomatoes, eggplant, squash, limas, green beans and peppers!  Still harvesting figs, strawberries and, now, the guavas are starting to ripen.

The  new composter is built and the passive compost pile in the back corner of the property has been entirely emptied.  Dirt has been  put up in large 50 gallon drums (soil for next year!)

I look forward to the cooler weather since I have a bad case of knitter’s itch!  Sis has been hard at work with transforming the middle bedroom into a multi purpose craft/music room  and library.  Pictures to come!   I am hoping that it will get LOTS of use when the cold and darkness draws us inside. We can tackle some crafty projects over the long winter.

We are stocking our store with a fall selection of SEEDS and just got another shipment of homestead helpers — CANNING KITS   and all sorts of FOOD PREP HELPERS Don’t forget, you can drop by our front porch farm stand, too!  We are open Sun-Fri 10am – 6pm and, since the  business is growing,  we are  growing into more of  a collective as we are now offering other organic produce from local farms.

Are you playing our Guessing Game?  If not, head on over and guess how much poundage of squash is on the table.

Here’s a little picture tour of the what’s growing in the garden

Cherry tomatoes

Green beans

Fall tomatoes

Marconi peppers

Basket of late summer harvest


Return of the manti!

Winter is coming!

As we wrap up summer of 2011,  and reflect on our endeavors of the past year and goals for 2012, we ask our readers  what 2012 goals do you have in mind?


  1. Mary Jane Zernickow says:

    Hello there Yall. I have been reading your blog and get your weekly produce availability but have never been to your farm. I grew up on a 3/4 acre chicken ranch in Temple City, Calif. from 1944 to 1958. Then the city of Temple City did an eminent domain thing and took our property for a song and subdivided our back 1/2 and we had to get rid of all our animals. We raised our own beef, chickens, lamb, turkeys, rabbits, geese and ducks. We had a milk cow named Daisy and boy did she give the milk morning and night. We had a separator and took the cream off the milk and made butter and whipping cream. We totally lived off our land. My mom had a veggie garden and she composted and used some of the chicken fertilizer in it. We sold off the rest of the chicken fertilizer. We had a dicondra lawn and they would come a sweep it ever year for the seeds and paid my mom for that. We had a huge walnut tree in the front yard and some one would come every year and get the walnuts and then bring us back a 50 pound sack of roasted walnuts. My mom’s garden had all the wonderful veggies and we had fruit trees. We would go out of Bomont, Ca. and pick peaches, cherries and whatever was available and we would can everything for the coming year or years. We made pickles also. My mom was a great cook and made all the yummy jams. She made the best pies and cobblers. We always made the Betty Crocker straberry shortcake bisquiks with nice fresh strawberries and lots of whipped cream from our cow. We made homemade ice cream and life was so wonderful back then. I thank God that I born at that time. After WWII and to young to remember the Korean War. I granduated in 1962 and a few of the guys that were a year younger were killed in Viet Nam. Then we had a some wonderful years. I went into my own business when I was 21 years old on Rosemead Blvd. in Temple City in the motorcycle business, Temple City Kawasaki, just below the corner of Las Tunas and Rosemead Blvd. I divorced in 1977 and I kept the business and it grew bigger and bigger. I raised my son, John, in the business from the time he was born. He had his crib at the shop and one at home. He was there until he was four and I had my daughter, Shereen, and then I paid my mom to stay home an take care of the kids. She was with us until she died in 1995.

    I am having the desire to get back into the full on garden business. I bough eight two day old chickens from Wes Pet Store in El Monte and now they are about three months old and I had my handman make them a nice big chicken pen between the fence on the west side of my property and my front garage. It is about 20 feet long and 12 feet wide. They have a nice wooden chicken coop but now they will be able to run loose in the chicken yard. I know it will be another three months before they start laying. Three of them will lay blue and green eggs, three of them nice big brown eggs and two of them are chinese chickens and I guess they will be a little smaller eggs and a cream color. I am so anxious to get my winter garden going. I have tried to go to your seed website but my computer will not open to it as it says I am not authorized. What do I have to do to see your availability of seeds and all the information that you as so kind to extent to the new organic gardener.

    I also have a good friend that has five mother goats and he milks them morning and night and is gracious to give me some milk once or twice a week. They make the most wonder Mexican Queso. He would also like to find a place to sell the frest daily goats milk. They have six horses and have lots of fertilizer also. I do not know if you use it or mix any into your compost. They put water with the fertiilzer in a bucket and then pour the water over there veggies and it makes them grow like crazy. I planted five tomatoe plants in my shade garden in the spring and they took over as they are on the outside and grew up the fence and now are about three feet over the cement outside the garden. I am having the ferns and some other plants removed that I planted several years ago that are to big for that area and I would like to plant some winter veggies. They would get sun but not direct sunlight. What could I plant in there. It is covered with a patio cover but get light from three sides. I have a big piece of property here in Arcadia. My lot is 105 across and 210 feet deep. I have a big swimming pool and two outer building. One detached two car garage and one detached behind the front one six car garage. I have property of about 12 feet that runs between the two garages and then along the side of the back garage and all around a cement pad behind the back garage. I all ready have a older lemon tree that is always loaded with lemons and I have never done anything but water it. I also have a grafted red grapefruit, orange and lemon tree and a babcock peach tree. I want to put in a necturine and plum tree this fall or spring which every is the best time. I have then another big back yard and that could be all in garden. I just need some help with suggestions of what I could do with it and how to do it. I can get the help of friends, family and a handyman to get it all going. I am disabled and want to do it all but I cannot do so much with my spinal stinosis and two bad knees that I need to have operated on. I have two new titanium hips so they work great but I am dragging my feet on the knees as I know they take alot more rehab.

    Could you let me know if you could give me any suggestions on putting in a new veggie garden. I would love to be a part of your organic store. I would be doing it for the experience and just hoping to help keep people healthy. My mom was diagonised with melonoma cancer when she was 71 in 1978 and bet it on the Gerson Nutritional Therpy that we had to go to Mexico to learn how to do. City of Hope gave her 6 months to live with no surgery and did not think she would make it thru the terrible surgery they wanted to do one one side of her neck and when they did the biopsy it spread to the other side of her neck. They wanted to stare by removing the whole under part of her jaw and 1/2 of the side of her neck and the whole top of her shoulder. The young intern told us she would probably not live thru the surgery or the infection that would sit in after the surgery. He was so nice and asked me and my sister if he could tell us something and we would not tell the City of Hope what he wanted to tell us. We of course told him yes. He looked at both my sister and I and said do not let them touch your mom they do terrible surgeries here and she will die and have to go thru so much torcher. The only thing that will cure melonoma is a nutritional treatment. I had a good friend that had multiple sculosis and he wason the Gerson therpy so I called the clinic in La Gloria, Mexico and my aunt took my mom there. It was about two and a half years of staying totally on the therpy and just bringin food that Charlotte the daughter of the man that put the nutritional therpy together and my mom was health as a horse with on more vericous veins and we could not wisper in the kitchen and she could hear us in her bedroom at least 25 to 30 feet away. She lived to the age of 87 and was in the hospital for nemonia and with all the meds she got a bowel blockage and the hospital told us that they would take care of it in the morning and she died from the repercoussins of not being taking care of immediately. That was at Quenns of the Valley Hospital. I do not have much use for doctors or hospitals. They are in the business of practicing and not curing people They make to much money between the pharmacy companys and the medical profession and they do not want to have people know that most cancers and debilitating deseases can be cures by nutritions done the right way. No pills, vitamins just healty organic veggies and strong coffee enamas. My mom is a good example of that.

    The treatment is called the Gerson Treatment and Charlotte’s father was poisoned by either the medical of pharmacial profession with sionide. The first time he survived but the second time he died. You can go on the internet to Gerson.org and learn all about the treatment from the books, dvds and cds about the treatment they sell. The rest of the world has doctors and health practioners coming to each one of their clinics that they have about every three months to learn all about the treatment. My family was behind my mom all the way and we all helped her until she was stong enough to get out of bed and do it herself. It really works fast on melonmia. It works on everything but lukemia.

    I have all the book and dvds and truely did it all and they have added and taken away things thru the years as this started way back in German in the 1920’s or before. The German medical profession chaced Dr. Gerson out of German and he came to the USA. His daughter had a cancer when she was a child and he had migrane headackes and that is the way he started working to find a cure for all the different deseases. His one statement was when he was a little kid he used to watch his grandmother plant her garden. She could not aford chemical fertilizer for her entire garden and he used to watch the worms crawl out of the chemical dirt and into the naturally fertilized garden. He realized that if they did not like the chemicals that we humans should not be eating food grown with them. My cousin Nancy Redfeather who lives on the big Island of Hawaii works constantly on grants and has gotten all the chemical and pharmasutical companies thrown off the Hawaiian Islands. She has a wonderful couple of arces there with a small coffee plantation and all the fruits and veggies that are totally grown organically. She is kind of a 1960 hippy and so is her current hubby. They live totally off there land and a little fish. He has even found a berry that can grow in that humidity and they are wonderful.

    I hope that you do take the time to read all this and might have the time to give me some good advice about gardening here in Southern California. My cousin in Hawaii started with a jungle and mulched it all back to the earth and it is just beautiful and so tasty.

    Bye for now Mary Jane Zernickow

  2. jengod says:

    Thank you for the photos, as always. The mantis is amazing! Love you guys and think of you often and wish you offered for-fee tours. I would pay a pretty penny to give my toddler the chance to see your paradise and meet Blackberry and Fairlight. 🙂

  3. diana bernardes says:

    I have also grown to love you guys. who wouldn’t with the idea of paradise and being God’s co-creator. Your lifestyle must be adapted by all so this earth will have hope and peace. I have earned friends who are like-minded and like-hearted and I gave them your link. One of my friends has the ability to spread the idea of your kind of lifestyle and can be spread it far and wide as he has wider reach and he is in a profession to espouse healthy living ( He is a bariatric and diabetic surgeon who has the heart of a farmer)

    We both envision Philippines to follow your PAtH TO FREEDOm. . . God bless you!!

  4. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, great fall pictures. My goal for 2012 is to expand my garden with the purchase of a piece of land that has been foreclosed upon by the city. They have excepted by bid and now the owner of the property has 60 days to respond to the notice sent to pay the back taxes from 2001 to present and to pay the city weed control bills attached to the property. If the owner does not respond, which is almost assuredly to happen, then the title for the land will be scrubbed and perhaps by Christmas I will be the recipient of a clear deed to the 168X160 foot piece of property. It’s not all tillable but at least half is immediately available to garden when the years of the weeds and scrub trees are removed. It will be quite a project but is indeed an exciting one. In a couple months the property adjacent to this one will be foreclosed upon so there maybe opportunity for expansion. The year of 2012 will definitely give birth to much bigger garden ideas.

  5. Dee says:

    Mary Jane, I would love for you to start a blog about your new farm adventure. Please take pictures and more info about Gerson and your life would be lovely.

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