What a wonderful start to February.  This storm dumped lots of rain – probably even a record?  So much rain that the rain gauge at the urban homestead reads 3 1/2 of rain.  Forecasters say there’s more to come today, Monday , Thursday and even next weekend.

With so much rain all at once the ground is pretty saturated.  Not ideal conditions to work in the garden nor do any major cleaning of the animal enclosure since is all pretty mucky. 

During a brief intermission late yesterday evening we did get a chance to walk the goats before it started raining again. They enjoyed being out just as much as we did.   Since the Arroyo Seco was muddy we took the goats for a short walk around Brookside Park. 

Still dreary and damp this morning.    We could use respite before the other storms and wish we could send some of the rain to the land down under.

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  1. anita says:

    Morning Anais,
    The far nothern part of australia (queensland) is underwater but down here in Vcitoria the bushfire rage of of control still in parts of the state. We desperately need rain to ease the burden of the firefighters and give respite to the terrible drought. We have no idea of the state of our bush block in Gippsland as roads are blocked, too dangerous to use (we live in melbourne so in no danger). Only a few kilometres to us, lives have been lost, homes, peoples dreams. The death toll is now closer to 100.
    Keep us in your thoughts and prayers

  2. Zoya says:

    Hello Anais,
    I am in Ohio, and have been reading your family’s journal with great interest and amazement.
    I had some questions:
    1. When it rains how do u dry clothes? Do you have a clothes dryer?

    2. Do you ever take vacations? My parents live overseas, so I go once every 2 years ..but that means closing up the house for a month..would i be able to do that if i were gardening?..I am wondering that if I don’t keep any animals, and install a self watering system that a neighbor can oversee, I might be able to swing it..do you know where i could begin researching?

    3. What are the easiest veggies and fruits to grow?

    You all are an inspiration!

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