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  1. Kory says:

    It has been unseasonably warm in Central New York too! The spring flowers had about a week before the heat. Ever see a stunted tulip? very sad indeed.

  2. Wendy says:

    Hi you guys. Hope you are all safe from the fire. I just heard about it on the news and got really worried. It said there were many homes in danger. We are really getting dry around here too. The weatherman is calling for showers for Tuesday and Wednesday, hope we get it.

    On a better note, I have 6 trays of seedlings started so far and I am going to stager some more plantings and see how much I can grow. I am getting really excited about planting but worried about the water situation. most times we have dry weather in the summer and have to buy water sinse we are in the country. I am going to try and get mulch to help keep the plants from drying out too fast.

    Well I hope you guys stay far from the fire and thanks for what you are doing, you such an encouragement to so many people trying to break free from GMO produced foods and commercialism and making the earth a better place to live. Many many thanks to you again.

    Wendy in Nova Scotia

  3. ValP says:

    Was wondering if the fire was close to you all. Thanks for the update!

  4. Robbyn says:

    We’re praying for your safety. It was quite wet here the last couple months, but it’s still a drought and the heat always produces burns out here in all these dry palmettos…

  5. Janice K says:

    We saw that fire on the way home from our visit to the Earth Day at Pasadena… it seemed to have just started. It is definitely too early for such fires. We pray you and your home will be safe.

  6. Judy says:

    I heard about the fire on the news last night! How far is that from where your home is located in Pasadena? I can imagine how it must be very smokey! Stay safe!

  7. N. & J. says:

    Unfortunately we have had a lot of wildfires in Southern Colorado as well. Fortunately the mercurial weather here has also created snow which really helped put them out.

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