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Sheesh, there haven’t been many photos posted lately in the recent entries. Sorry about that, I know that many of you like to see the visual aspect of life on the homestead. So, here’s one of the guys taking apart the animal enclosure to move it forward about 4 feet.

Saying No to Plastics

If you ever visit, you’ll notice a variety of colorfulSIGG water bottles around the house. To avoid leaching of harmful chemicals from plastic beverage bottles, we drink from saved glass juice bottles or these lightweight metal containers which are handy to carry with you in the car, on hikes..

Reusing Single Use Plastic Bottles
Reusing bottles designed for single use is not advised since the plastic they’re made of can start leaching chemicals if the bottle is reused. Bottom line — bottles sold for single us should not be reused since they are not designed for reuse. There has even been talk of beverage companies putting warning labels on plastic bottles regarding reuse.
As plastic degrades through aging, and wear and tear of washing, leaching of potentially harmful chemicals increases.
According to the Container Recycling Institute, American’s used 4 billion pounds of plastic in the form of bottles in 2002, up from 1.1 billion pounds in 1990. The main culprit for the increase is “use once & toss” water and beverage bottles.

Web wanderings
Transition Culture takes a look at the top five things one can do with oil barrels when the oil runs out. He’s on #2, I’m guessing other solutions could be using it as a rain barrel, humanure composter and there are probably others. Can you think of any?
Make Comfrey LiquorComfrey is the superhero of plants. It is truly wonderful, so multifunctional as to almost be outrageous. Comfrey is what is known as a dynamic accumulator, that is it is incredibly good at mining nutrients from deep in the soil and bringing them to the surface.
Hey ladies, this ones for you.  
Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar – Sarah-Kate Lynch of the New Zealand Herald wrote about Dr. Patricia Bragg:“I’ve never had a coke, never had a beer or vodka, and these,” says American health crusader, Dr. Patricia Bragg, thrusting her fingers towards me, “are virgin nails, all 10 of them. I have never worn nail polish. I don’t need a girdle and I don’t need a bra.”

Over the years, we have occasionally drunk acv but as with all things you forget one day, and the next and the next thing you know your regime has gone out the window.   Over the next few months we will  re-energizing our health regimen – acv being one and the other, wheatgrass.

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  1. KS Milkmaid says:

    Timely post. I just bought some liquor and hope to make some of my own comfrey concoctions. Your site is beautiful.

  2. yvette roman says:

    Dear Jules,

    I have been a huge fan of yours since I saw the exhibit featuring Path to Freedom at the Wind Tunnel at Art Center College of Design, my alma mater.

    I am working for a services trade with a landscape architect in her 2nd year at the UCLA landscape architecture program (my photos of her gardens / her designing me a wonderful garden), and your gardens are a model for my front yard! Thank you so much!

    I also wanted to let you know about two things…there is a biodiesel place that just opened in Silver Lake. Here is their contact info:

    {message edited: no commercial advertising allowed}

    Also, we started a biodiesel coop on the westside. Members can fill up from a 2000 gallon tank on a trailer!



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