Yesterday we celebrated taking care of the creation and being good stewards. Not to mention a lovely day with wonderful people.

I would say over 50 “familiar” looking folks came by to swap howdies, of course ask about Amy and inquire about our new projects that are happening on the urban homestead like grey water, fish farming and making our own fertilizer out of a common, stinging weed.

“Homegrown” goodies from the urban homestead. Like the “homegrown” sign? You can purchase it here at our online store

We had TWO tables full of information, pics, displays!  Check out the homegrown tromboncino squash – seeds are sold at Freedom Seeds.org

Actually we had people coming over an complimenting our how pretty our tables were!

Enjoying a laugh with a friend

Crowding around. Our table was hopping thru out the day

By the end of the day we all were suffering from “hoarse throats” as we were constantly talking and answering everyone’s questions.

We warm up lunch using our sun oven (purchase your own via our online store)

Justin shows off his hauling bike

I scored a FREE shawl at the “Free Market” table.

There’s more! For more photos of the festival visit our Facebook Photo Album

Afterwards we invited volunteers and friends over for some fellowship, munchies and even a little guitar music!

Conversations and chickens.  One our our friends brought her chicken, “Peeps,” to sat “howdy”


  1. Laura @ Getting There says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! It must have been enjoyable for you to be able to speak face to face with like-minded people, instead of just speaking with them over the computer.

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