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Wow. Two posts today, what’s the world coming to? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had to share this story before the weekend.

Last night, around 10 ish, before heading off to bed, Jordanne & I went outside to check on the animals. To our shock and worry, we could not see the goats. They weren’t in their house, they weren’t on top nor in the pen. ย  We were worried!ย  Where on earth could they have disappeared to? For them to get out, they would have had to jump over a 7ft fence and that was very, very unlikely. ย  Then, we heard a small “mmmmhaaaah”ย  and Blackberry comes out from the duck house! She was in there with our two ducks. OK, so now where is Fairlight?ย  We hear a loud commotion and Fairlight pops her head out from the chicken’s coop/roost (boy, I wished I had a camera – what a sight)!ย  She had hopped into the chicken house that is built into the garage window and was roosting with the chickens! How funny! Of course we were relieved and a bit perplexed why they wanted to sleep there instead of together in their house. Perhaps they were invited to a sleepover with their new friends.

Fairlight had a brief cause of scours (loose stools) yesterday morning We were a bit concerned, but are happy to report that her stools have returned to normal. We concluded that her runs wereย  caused because she ate too much greens and her system is just adjusting to fresh greens. We monitored her throughout the day. Jordanne feed her blackberry leaves, baking soda balls and a form of acidophilus for animals and by late afternoon her stools were greatly improved. You know that you are a country girl at heart when you do a dance and whoop when your goat has “regular” stools. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Early this morning just as the sun was coming up, while the guys picked and packed the produce/herb/edible flower orders, we gals spent a few hours cleaning the animal enclosure.

Because of the unexpected downpour a few weeks ago the straw that we have covering the soil compacted and got really moist underneath. With the hot weather that’s not good (could eventually smell musty and attract flies). So we pitch forked all the straw going down to soil level (about 1 foot) and will let the area dry out for about a day or so. Then we’ll add some new straw and that should (unless we have another rain) last us all summer.

The old compacted straw we put in the back area of the animal’s enclosure – the chickens are ducks were having a field day finding all sorts of tasty treats. ย  As I was raking and leveling out the old straw, while Jordanne was pitching it to me, I was getting higher and higher. I think we raised the soil level about another 2 feet! Of course, it will compact over time, and will be used to enrich the raised beds and made into a potting mix for the plants.

After the area dries out, we’ll spray the area with EM ( effective micro – organism mixed with molasses which Justin makes every couple of months) and also sprinkle the ground with diatomaceous earth to control flies.


We have surplus hydrogenated vegetable (soy) oil to sell, cheap (50 cent a gallon), if anyone is interested. This oil has only been used once and titrates out to ~.5 grams of lye.Contact Justin

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  1. Wildside says:

    The story of little goats with their new friends the chickens and ducks is so incredibly cute! Now I can’t wait until our privacy landscaping grows in, fences installed, and we can get a couple goats of our own!

    And wow, I really like your family photo posted in the sidebar. That’s new!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. gerry medland says:

    Hi All,
    The goat antics shows they have “brains”and know how to use them!I reckon they were just being curious!As to the 2 posts in one day,well from a purely selfish point of view,that is just great,more to read,more to learn!I know you are all extremely busy,and I thoroughly appreciate your tremendous efforts in keeping us informed on such a regular basis,ending on a more humorous note,isnt it odd that we animal custodians keep a careful eye on “stools”?