Yom Kippur Blessing

Summer ended and fall started with an unexpected blessing – rain. And lots of it. Here at the urban homestead our gauge measured 1.25 inches of rain. That one storm brought nearly 1/2 the amount of rain we received all last season (a miserly 3 inches).

Although unexpected, what a blessings this rain has been. After the driest year on record, the air and just everything around felt dirty and grimy. Thanks to the rains, everything feels fresh and new – perfect for Yom Kippur.    It’s like the world’s been given a brand new start; however the cool crisp weather is short lived. Temperatures are expected to climb into the 90’s by mid week.  However, we will enjoy every minute of beautiful after-shower weather.

Weekly Meals

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to jot down what we ate here on the urban homestead this week due to the filming going on, which really threw off normal urban homestead activities and meal times.   Even through the disruption we are still eating primarily from our garden as we continue to harvest figs, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, green beans and greens.

High on Hemp

The other day we received a call from the president of IHerb.com asking if we’d like some expired hemp oil to make biodiesel with – he didn’t want it to go to waste.   Sure!   Don’t tell Justin but I may just sneak a few cupfuls to make some hemp soap. 😉

Missed Opportunity – Greywater & Living With Ed

We received a call fromBRAC HQ in Montreal Canada regarding eco-celeb Ed Begley’s wanting them to film an episode that will feature his installing aBRAC system in his house here in LA. The vice president atBRAC wanted to know if we had installed ourBRAC greywater system so that he could bring Ed over to see the installation. The vice president himself willthen be flying in from Canada to take part in Ed’s eco show.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to get around to completely finishing our system. We’ve had too much on our project list this year; of course, the vice president ofBRAC was somewhat disappointed. Even though we had good reason, we still felt badly about letting him down especially since we are the local distributor.

With seven years of urban homesteading under our belt and with dozens of articles and other press coverage we’ve received already, our local homesteadite following and growing readership, one would think eco-shows would know all about us by now?

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SYDNEY (AFP) – Global warming is occurring at a faster rate than the worst-case scenario envisaged by experts just six years ago, Australia’s top climate change scientist said Thursday. Tim Flannery, named the 2007 Australian of the Year for his work in alerting the public to the dangers of global warming, said the issue was the greatest challenge facing humanity in the 21st century.
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THERE’S a new bug in the garden, and it looks a lot like bird poop. Unappetizing, you bet, but so clever: This odd little caterpillar’s job is to avoid being eaten, and one day — like magic — become a giant swallowtail butterfly.
Even in one of the driest years on record and an “awful” one for butterflies, according to Fred Heath, author of “An Introduction to Southern California Butterflies,” giant swallowtails are fairly easy to spot, particularly in neighborhoods where citrus is common.
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