beeapricot.jpgOur bees have been buzzily swarming over the apricot tree blooms. Thanks for doing a great job lil fellas!

Well, I didn’t get around to addressing a few of the reader’s questions that were in queue before the journal move like I promised. There’s always next week, so please be patient. I have good reason for being so behind this week. I sliced my finger (left hand pointer finger) cutting tomatoes while working at the tea shop (man, do they keep those knives sharp!) on Sunday so I’ve having a hard time using the computer – especially typing on the keyboard. Seems like I can’t get through a few words without a gazillion typos and takes me about four times as long to write up an entry. So pardon all the grammar and spelling mistakes!

For those of you who left comments and questions this week – thanks! If you had left a question comment after a post, I believe I answered each and everyone in the designated comment box.

It’s been a beautiful, warm and sunny week.

Back on Sunday… Oh wait, I’m once again going to be serving at the tea house and definitely staying away from any and all sharp objects!

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  1. Jennifer says:


    In the UK, if you cut yourself at work, you have to put one of these huge BLUE band-aids on over it so anyone and everyone that sees you knows you’ve done something foolish to yourself. ahahahha Poor thing.

    take care

  2. Emily B says:

    I hope your finger is healing, I did a simlar thing years ago when I worked in a cafe, the hospital superglued it up for me! (phew no stitches!)

    Take care, Emily B. Australia

  3. James says:

    Sorry to hear about your finger, but remember that a clean cut heals faster than a jagged one. Except tomato juice hurts when it gets into a cut!

    And aren’t the worker bees, um, girls? (wink)

  4. Anais says:

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for the healing wishes. The finger is doing better so there aren’t as many spelling mistakes to deal with. Yeah!

    James, you are right it’s the GAL worker bees that do all the work. I just was making a general non sexplitatory reference, but glad you pointed it out to those who aren’t familiar with who “wears the pants” in the bee world. 🙂


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