We are eggstastic (sorry, just had to put that pun in!) that our chooks and ducks are back in the egg business (sorry no extras).  For some reason, this winter (could be because of old age or extreme weather conditions) we weren’t getting any eggs – nadda, zippo, zilch!   Jordanne had to curtail her baking (no chocolate brownies – sniff) and just to have “spare” eggs on hand we picked up a dozen from the South Pasadena farmers market.   Sorta felt weird buying eggs, but at least they were from a local source.

The older (four plus year old) ducks & chickens are passed their prime laying years and the new batch of ducks should be laying  — any day now, ladies!  We’ll be bringing in a new batch of chicks come Spring so that we can maintain a decent egg production flow here on the urban homestead.

Jordanne’s collected a few local folks who’d like to get in our chick order.    Boy, I can still recall the time (a few years back) that sis and I raised over 150 baby chicks.  Whew, that was some operation!   Backyard chickens were hot, and folks were clamoring on the backyard chicken bandwagon and wanted a local source of naturally raised pullets.   Going to keep things much simpler and smaller this time around – for our sanity!

We still meet people who have said that Jordanne’s chickens were the healthiest (and friendliest) they’ve ever had.  And now that she’s put together her super amazing Natural Poultry Formula – you can get your Spring chicks off to a healthy start.

Received a positive phone testimony yesterday. Lady said that Jordanne’s selected poultry supplements drastically improved her two sick chickens!!!

Check out Urban Homestead Supply Store for Jordanne’s Animal Care Products

Can’t leave the critter compound without snapping a least a few dozen photos of their sometimes crazy antics.

Noon is nap time


Crazy Sairey Gamp

Chickens settle down for a nap too

Looking for bugs

Checking out the helicopter that buzzed over the homestead

Sure doesn't look like any bird we know of



  1. Jeni says:

    YAY finally you are back to getting some eggs….our ladies slowed way down this winter too. Something we are not use to anymore. So glad your ladies are back to laying!!

  2. Annette says:

    Congrats on the eggs! We will need to buy some chicks this spring as our flock is now 3 yo. I am curious about how your hen/duck compound is set up. Video gives snippets; can you post details? and pictures? We are thinking of reworking our current hen setup (they cannot free range, though they have a large 10×12 run) and look to you for inspiration.


  3. waggs says:

    Our chickens started laying again also. I got one egg two days ago and another one yesterday (I only have 6 chickens). We’ll see what today brings. We recently switched to Scratch And Peck feed. I’m in Washington state and they are a local company that makes feed from local grain growers. It is organic and GMO free. (no I am not affiliated with them, just really excited about it). It is a big change from the regular local feed store mash crap we normally get. I have been trying to figure out the finances of this change and finally got it to work. Yay! My chickens completely stopped laying this winter and we have been buying eggs for about two months now (hello ladies…). We switched to the new feed a week ago and now they are laying again. Just shows you how much better natural and organic is. They love eating whole grains and I know that I am going to love eating the new and improved eggs.

  4. Emma says:


    It is my first time on your site and I’m finding the information very interesting!

    I’m in the process of setting up a small holding after 12 years of sailing so as you can imagine, everything is very new and different in my life right now!

    I’m buying my chickens early next month and can’t wait for the sheer joy of producing our own eggs!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences!

    Emma 🙂

  5. Alice Crawford says:

    I am getting a few eggs now too. Just 3 to 4 a day. We have had some very cold weather here in NW Montana so the girls don’t feel like making eggs. I need a chicken house redo come summer too. I changed to scratch feed for the winter. There are HOT grains in it. It helps to keep the girls warmer for feed that in the winter. I take out scraps from the table too. They love the treats. When it is real cold I take out warm water and make a chicken oat meal for them. I take rolled oats and pour hot water on it allow it to set and cool a bit then take it out to them. Helps keep them warm as well.

  6. AlaskAnna says:

    My ducks have always stopped or slowed down for a couple months in the winter. They should be starting up pretty soon again. Unforchantly, we lost one layer to ravens a couple weeks ago. I think they are still scared.

  7. Maggie says:

    It’s great to find natural GMO-free feed for your animals, there are no sources near where I live. We now have our chicken feed custom mixed to avoid undesirable ingredients.
    I have found the ingredient labels of a lot of poultry feeds now contain animal products. Porcine meal is one I have noticed popping up in a lot of various animal feeds.
    So if you are buying any type of feed for any kind of animal – read the label before you buy.
    I have found stock feeds that were previously completely plant based now contain animal by products. Apparently the big boys have found some legal loopholes that allow them to get away with this practice.

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