Going native

New Addition – Gold Currants

We have a new addition to the edible landscape – native gold currants (thanks Jamie for bringing them from the wonderfulTheodore Payne Nursery)

If you’ve never snacked on freshly plucked golden currants, you’re missing one of the joys of growing California native plants at home.The edible landscaping craze is gaining popularity but, for some reason, Ribes aureum (golden currant), a 3-6’ high and wide shrub native to our area and other fruiting plants that have grown here naturally for eons aren’t often included in the palette of these enticing gardens.
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  1. Jamie says:

    Always glad to help 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    I have just slowly and painfully ripped out half of my front lawn in Pasadena this winter. I have planted about a dozen currents (including golden) in the back, and they are beautiful! A few years ago, I planted an elderberry, and now I enjoy the fruits, though I leave most for the birds. Native plant gardening has brought me the most joy this year – with all the bad news about the environment, I have to *do* something or risk dispair. I’m trying my best to convert my little square of suburban hell back into Eaton Canyon – the way it used to be. Despite the near-constant watering that I’m doing to get my new native plants through their first year, my water bill is still half of what it was last year. “Change begins at home” is my new motto. I love your site, and it’s great to hear other home farmers discuss the local Pasadena weather. The fine folks at the Theodore Payne foundation are wonderful as well – there are many great edible native California plants! Go native!