Before having to arrive at the film screening (see Sunday’s post/photo below) we had a couple of friends over for a homemade ( and almost local ) “Spanish” meal of rice and beans. We were able to harvest most of “toppings” from our garden (cilantro, onions, lettuce), our neighbor’s lemon tree (lemonade), or local avocados from the farmer’s market, and the other (organic) food items (wine, rice) from California. As for things like flour (to make own flour tortillas), salsa and cheese, we already had them in stock but, of course, they were not local.

For dessert, I was debating whether to get local ice cream; however, knowing that one of our guest doesn’t eat dairy, opted to get a “west coast” soy ice cream instead that I topped with freshly picked strawberries which were simmered down a bit over the stove with a few sprigs of mints, squirt of lemon and pinch of sugar – YUM!

At the reception on Saturday (the program for the night said after the films that we were to “eat, drink & smooze”), we were introduced to two folks from TreeHugger TV who are establishing a west coast operation in Los Angeles. After formalities and telling them a little more about our project, they said that they wanted to come by for an interview sometime.  

We really should work on a video of our own and this is high on our “to do list” (well, besides the compost toilet, rain water and grey water systems — oh, yeah, a new roof).

We have lots of video from workshops we’ve hosted, from our garden and animals, to filming how we brew biodiesel. It’s just that we need the time to write up a story board and put the hours of footage into something worth watching.

For those who emailed, commented about their interest in seeing‘Ready or Not?, the director has informed us:

“Please bear with me, as it has been a whirlwind getting the film together and ready for this screening.At the moment we’re still trying to get it finished, and will then be working on festivals and home video distribution, as well as private screenings.”

Remember how Imentioned about Ringo (our maine coon) liking to hog the camera? Well, he made it to the big screen! There’s a clip of Ringo walking along our fence line in the ‘Ready or Not?’ piece. I guess Ringo knew if he hung around long enough his big break would come.   😉


On Sunday we spent an afternoon at “Big Sunday” put on by the City of Los Angeles and Goodwill Industries. At the event held in Goodwill parking lot they set up an E-Waste drop off station. Sad to say, we were the only ones to participate by bringing a few old computer monitors, broken vcr’s and printers (many of which have been given to us by friends).

During the afternoon, we gals took the opportunity to go thrifting. All clothing (and household items) in the store’s unsorted bins were $1 (children’s 50 cents) and I happened to bump into a friend who was also there doing some shopping for her niece in Mexico. After going through the bins, I then spent time helping her find toddler clothing as she explained to me that children’s clothing is so expensive where her relatives live so she comes here to buy clothes for them and ships them to Mexico. We found some really cute outfits for her niece and I scored on a few items for myself, others in the family and a few items for the home.


Today, we are expecting huge river rocks delivered. We decided to splurge a little on this landscape feature that will help build up the bed near the cob oven and the grey water reclamation area that Jules is designing. The backyard needs some height/dimension to it and right now we are able work on the “comma” shaped bed that swoops around the cob oven without disturbing the too many things. Last week, the guys prepared the bed and sunk in the clay pots that will irrigate this three tired bed. We figure on planting a few herbs that we use a lot of (basil, cilantro and parsley) a couple of determinate tomatoes and a few peppers (sweet & hot).

The weather is still funky and carbon copies of the last few days – overcast in the morning, burning off to hazy skies, fog rolls in in the evening. Not a very good start for summer crops ( I think I have said that already!) Basically, the weather is too darn cool – the summer crops (expect for the beans) are taking their sweet time growing.

Mother’s Day week is usually big for our clients and that means we, too, will be busy picking and packing their edible flower, herbs and produce orders. We gals will probably called in to help at the tea shop with its annual Mother’s Day afternoon tea.

There are lots of emails to be answered, calls to be made, work on the website “part II” that still needs to be done (hate to say but we really haven’t worked on that yet!), gardening, homesteading, life, planning afilm screening & “100 mile” potluck here on May 21st, day/week/month plans and more.   Never a dull moment these days.

On Wednesday, we are planning a road trip to buy the nigerian dwarf goat. Stay tuned for the exciting details.

Also, there’s another event this weekend that we’ve been invited to (where we will have a display) with special guest David Korten (author of ‘When Corporations Rule the World’ and ‘The Great Turning’) and Frances Moore Lappe’ (author of ‘Diet for a Small Planet’ and ‘Hope’s Edge’)

I’m guessing postings will be sporadic this week.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Dear Anais
    I would love to see some pics of the new bed around the cob oven! I love the idea of irrigating with clay pots. You guys are so smart! Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be patiently laying in wait for news on your Nigerian goat homecoming! 😉