Working on the animal’s enclosure. Garden veggies.

“…you may not be able to change the world, but you can at least change your footprints on this earth. ~ Jules Dervaes ~

Another gray and drizzly morning. Good weather for salad greens but not for heat loving crops like tomatoes, cukes and squash.

Jordanne bemoaned to me this morning that now we’ll have to take out the new straw we just put in the animal enclosure last week when temps were hitting triple digits. Because, now, it’s a compacted, wet mess.  Oh. well.  It’s not a really big chore anyhow and all the animals get excited when you work in the enclosure. They act all happy and they are fun to watch. On Sunday, the goats are scheduled for their monthly manicure. It’s time to clip their hooves. When we went to pick up the goats, Emily was nice enough to sit down with

Jordanne and show her step by step how to trim the hooves. Hopefully the hoof trimming will go smoothly and we will all come out with the same number of fingers as when we started. The trimming is easy; it’s controlling the goats that’s the challenge. They are very, very strong and make a lot of quick movements.   

Animals require a lot of responsibility and care as does the earth beneath our feet. Animals that share this planet with us teach us first-hand (as we accumulate “dirt” on our knees and hands) how we, as new pioneers (pilgrims, pathfinders, trailblazers, urban homesteaders, city farmers, new agrarians -what have you), should act as responsible stewards of this “big blue marble” planet earth.   As one of our reader’s put it:

I see you folks as trailblazers and pilgrims, abandoning the old ways that do not work and venturing into new territories, looking back over your shoulders at us and saying, come on after, it’s safe!

Let’s walk this path to freedom — together.

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  1. tricia says:

    I just wanted to comment on the hoof trimming. With my sheep (miniature southdowns) I use a regular pruning shears. I find it more familiar then the “official” hoof clips…plus it is one less thing I need to buy.

  2. green la girl says:

    Wow — Hoof trimming. I had no idea goats required this! I just remember being v. scared of them as a kid — They do indeed make a lotta quick movements —

    BTW, my domain’s changed to just — Just an FYI for the next time you update yr sidebar, since up-doing the website’s on the current list of things to do —

  3. Cherilyn says:

    The homestead looks so incredible, as usual. Beautiful, lush and very, very inspiring!

    Is there a labeled drawing of your place somewhere on the website? I know you have a thousand projects you’re working on, so if it’s not here already, I’ll just keep looking forward to it!

    I also really admire the fact that even though your family has a lot to educate the public about, you don’t rant. It’s so common in this country where so many things are going wrong and so many of us are frustrated with the state of our present and future. Thanks for showing us another path.

    All the best!