Greening The Earth Day, Pasadena

First, thanks to all those who contributed to the ‘Grow the Future‘ fund that made PTF’s display better than ever – your contributions help with printing and reprinting costs. As one visitor to the booth put it “this is the best booth here today!”  

Besides bringing our colorful and homemade display showing the steps we have taken on the sustainable path, we brought along thebike blender,solar oven andollas so that folks could have a first hand look at alternative and appropriate technologies. It was a gorgeous day, so we even cooked a few pizzas in the solar oven (that we placed on back of the flat bed cargobike trailer) which really got a lot of folks attention.

Once again kudos to all the Pasadena folks and officials who put on another great Earth Day celebration.

WWW Earth Day Highlights

We’ve been so busy hadn’t gotten around to inform our readers about the latest interview(s)….

An Interview with Jules Dervaes April 21, 2007 · by Craig Mackintosh

This Earth Day we are pleased to talk to a very interesting man – a man on a very interesting mission; on what he describes as “the path to freedom”, where he escapes being part of the problem, to become part of the solution. Before we get started, watch the following ABC clip to get an idea of his work, and then we’ll hear from the man himself.
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Thanks to Craig and the crew over atCelsias for contacting us for the interview and spotlighting the PTF project.

Also the week leading up to Earth Day one of the contributors at theWorld Changing team spotlighted sustainable groups and organizations in the LA area, PTF, being one of them.

Another Side of Los Angeles: Grow Your Own Food [World Changing LA]

Los Angeles is the land of smog, sprawl and cosmetic surgery, not known for its ecological or social consciousness. But many people, organizations and ideas are quietly fomenting revolution here. This Earth week, I’ll share what these Worldchangers told me about the secretly green side of LA
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Thanks Jennifer for including PTF.
Gardeners Can Play an Important Role in Reducing Global Warming [NFW]

Trade-in the SUV, use florescent light bulbs, turn down your thermostat. These are just some of the things we’re being told we can do to reduce our impact on global warming. But according to a new report from the National Wildlife Federation, “A Gardeners Guide to Global Warming,” there are also many things you can do in the garden that will help combat this serious and potentially devastating environmental problem caused by our voracious appetite for fossil fuels. And the spring gardening season is the perfect time to get started.“As gardeners, we are both guardians and stewards of our environment,” says Patty Glick, author of the report and Global Warming Specialist for the National Wildlife Federation. “There are many simple and thoughtful ways we can manage our gardens that can make an enormous difference in reducing the impacts of global warming.”
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Earth Day inspires faithful [Chicago Tribune]

God wants your old sneakers and used printer cartridges, and would probably appreciate it if you turned off the lights when leaving a room, believes Verna Todd, a member of First Presbyterian Church of Evanston’s environmental-stewardship work group.”We are just stewards of the Earth,” Todd said. “We want people to live responsibly and nurture the Earth because we’re all in this together.”
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