A fellow Pasadena blogger commented about using our duck eggs for the first time. It’s really neat to read other’s experience using fresh, homeraised eggs.

Read what she had to say (thanks Jill for the nod!)

A side note about our ducks, since folks are asking. We have Khaki Campbell (or just Campbell) ducks. A breed of domesticated duck kept for its high level of egg production. The breed was developed by Adele Campbell of England at the end of the 19th century.

The egg production of the Campbell breed can exceed even the most efficient of egg laying domestic chickens, with the breed laying an average of 300 eggs a year.

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  1. Sean C says:

    I’ve recently started buying duck eggs at the local farmer’s market. I can agree with the “They tasted like chicken eggs… only better” comment. I hardly use chicken eggs at all anymore.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to move out of my condo soon. So many things I’d love to do that are against the condo bylaws. Keeping ducks is unfortunately one of them.

  2. Fiona says:

    Mm…My mom used to keep ducks but we never ate the least not that I can remember but my mom was sneaky when we were younger.

    I do buy local eggs though at the Farmers Market so I’m going to try and hunt down some duck eggs too:)


  3. Anais says:

    Thanks for sharing your duck eggs experiences.

  4. niranjan says:

    dear madam,
    can you please tell me the protein content present in the white of a duck egg? i know the protein content of the whole duck-egg to be about 15 grams,but was not able to find out how much is present in the white and how much in the yolk.
    many thanks for a very informative site out here!

  5. zane says:


    If I buy only one duckling and only one chick at the same time will they be buddies when they grow up?

  6. Should I Raise Ducks In The Backyard? says:

    […] duck species is the Khaki Campbell (pictured below). They are good in the water, are hardy and lay more eggs than a chicken. I do not know how loyal they […]

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