Shake, shake, shake!

Synchronize preening

Now the shoulders

The belly

All done

As you can tell from the photos the four week old ducks growing up fast. Well, actually the (above) photos are already a week old so they are now are just about feathered out.

As far as their new digs, they are integrating nicely in the poultry family at the animal compound where the menagerie cohabits with a pair of goats. Actually, when these four duckies are on the loose it’s the long time residence who feel that they are new kids on the block. It’s a riot! The four ducks act like they own the place and it’s funny to watch the other ducks and chickens let the rambunctious four have it their way. The goats, on the other hand, are rather oblivious of the goings on. They need not concern themselves with their flighty feather friends.

The two bantie chicken are still a bit testy with their new feathered counterparts. Giving the ducks an occasional territorial peck. These small chickens have big personalities and they know it!

The citified farm animals offers us hours of (free) entertainment and as you sit back there in the animal compound under the pomegranate tree and watch their latest episode you can’t help think to yourself “now this is the good life. ”

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  1. stacy says:

    I don’t have livestock on my little town plot yet, but I was enjoying yesterday at the dinner table. We had tomato sandwiches, cooked green beans (purple variety), and sweetcorn for dinner. We later pulled onions to lay out and braid and dug up potatoes. It was a satisfying day! I always enjoy hearing about your adventures! Our next venture is opening a consignment shop.

  2. Chris says:

    This is just too cute! We had 3 cockatiels for 15-17 years. It is fascinating to see similar “birdie body language” from ducks to cockatiels and the wild birds in our yard. Who needs television? Great photos! Thanks for brightening our day!

  3. Radhika says:

    Ooo! They are so big now. 🙂

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