it’s up, now it’s down, up, down, up, down – urgh

Seems like our green hosting company is having a bit of trouble with one of its servers, so, if you haven’t already noticed, the journal has been down sporadically over these last couple days. On Sunday I believe the journal was down for about 4 hours. The hosting company says they are working on the problem, so please be patient (along with us!) as they fix the quirk in the server.

Also, we are getting reports that some of our readers are having trouble viewing the site (thanks for letting us know, your participation is greatly appreciated). If you are using a Microsoft operating software/browser, it may be that you need to update/upgrade to the latest browser edition.

Wow, your web journal was already fantastic, but now you have taken it up a notch with the new format and informative entries! You do a great job in showing people what it possible. – Melissa

Thank you Melissa (and other readers) for your positive comments, we really appreciate your input. There are still some additional journal elements that we will be adding over time (thanks to B for helping out with the php plug-ins – can’t wait till they are implemented!) which then allow my fellow urban homesteaders to join in. We still have the sub journal “Confessions of an Urban Homesteader” which needs more work…. We are overwhelmed at times with the amount of work and sometimes frustrated at the lack of progress, but hopefully in the end these upgrades will make our job(s) easier give us a better operating platform from which to share our sustainable journey.

Regarding journal postings, there are about 16 draft entries that are backlogged, and I am slowly posting them one at at time. Yesterday 4 journal entries and today another 4 entries–there will be more multiple post days ahead.

You see, I have a problem. There is just too much darn good stuff that’s happening here on the urban homestead. Hope you all are able to keep up with the posting marathon!

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  1. connie in nm says:

    I thought I was having trouble with the site, but it’s just a weird quirk: the site comes up with columms of info on both sides, but the middle area where journal entries are posted was white and blank.
    If I scroll almost to the bottom of the page, that day’s journal entry is there. But you have to scroll down through alot of blank white space.

    I don’t know why the entries don’t show up at the top of the page.

  2. rhonda jean from down to earth says:

    I love coming here to find a lot of new posts. I haven’t had any trouble accessing the site yet. Fingers crossed.

  3. Anais says:

    Hello, Rhonda

    Thanks for the comments, so glad you are enjoying the posts as much as I enjoy sharing them. Glad to know you have had no problems accessing this site. The readers who are having trouble need to update their IE browsers which will help with better viewing.

    When I get a chance I love popping on over to your site. You too have so much knowledge and wonderful tips.

    Many blessings,

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