Before (1985)/ first garden After (2007)

More yard photos for your viewing pleasure here

Taking off the old roof

Before (1993-2006) After (2007)

Sustainable Steps

July not only marks the sixth anniversary of the PTF journal, last July was when we tackled putting on a new roof which was finished 5 months later in early January (read about ithere… scroll down to bottom of the page)

After living over 12 years with one side of the roof covered with a blue tarp to prevent leaks because the 30 or so year old shingle roof was decomposing we finally were able to find time and tackled a major construction project. Going through one of the most humid and hot summer’s in recent memory we spent the better part of it on top of the roof removing our old asphalt shingles, taking out all the nails from the old wood shake underneath and putting up 100 sheets of plywood, nailed in by hand. Five months later, we brought in a “professional” metal roof contractor for the last step to install a sustainable sand coated metal roofing material that has brought us one step closer in rainwater harvesting project.

Sure the work was hard and not to mention extremelydirty & grimy (see photos) but choosing the right metal roof was even harder than the physical work.   But in the end our months of head aching research and hard worked paid off!

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  1. Anne says:

    It is great to see how the little steps change to strides and pathways… have done a great job. We are about 3 years behind here but getting there slowly.
    Happy Birthday, may there be many more. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge it has made our journey a possibility. We are now enjoying being instead of doing and there is still a long way to go….

    I have a small question : how did you go about unplugging yourself from electricity?How long did it take to find alternatives?

  2. David says:

    The 7th year of jubilie is coming up, happy 6th of actions speaking louder than words :).
    I remember installing roll roofing on modest garage & the messy adventure it entailed. Raising my glass to your accomplishment of a metal roof & hands on initiative.
    BTW beautiful matoes. Do you use extra calcium & if so what kind (form)& when supplied & where attained? Someone mentioned to me non-fat powdered milk can be taken up into tomato faster (2 wks)if overused nitrogen isn’t blocking uptake. I used okara(soy pulp) & this year my plants excaped blossom end rot(BER) & actually producing more fruit than leaves.
    Cheers all & hope you make the 5 ton plus record in 2007

  3. Wendy B. says:

    I love seeing your before and after pics. You’ve made such amazing progress. Happy Anniversary to you!