Urban Heidi

Then… and Now ( 2 of 3 )

After urban farmer Justin’s“down and dirty” debut, next on our trip down memory lane, the urban homestead’s main citified animal caretaker, baker of goodies, crafty gal, and website extraordinaire — Jordanne.

Here we have Jordanne, about 3 or 4, at the LA Zoo on one of our homeschool field trips.   On our many day trips to the zoo her favorite was the petting zoo… hmmm those goats must have really made quite an impression because here’s Jordanne in present day with one of the urban homestead’s goats.    Wonder if the LA zoo goat is Blackberry’s relative?

Sure bears a close resemblance, don’t you think?

Fridge & freezer contents

Say Ahhhhh

This morning while pursuing the site for any eco news, I ran across a post where people are opening up their fridges because apparently “we are what we eat.”  
They are right, you can tell a lot about a person from their fridge’s contents.   What do you think the inside of our urban homestead’s energy efficient fridge tells about us?

List of contents:
Main: Raw milk (local), butter (no rBST), assortment of cheeses (raw and no rBST), organic sour cream, organic peanut butter, maple syrup homegrown avocados, homemade kombucha tea.
Inside door: a few assorted condiments (soy sauce, mayo, mustard), homemade jams (fig & guava), vinegar, assortment of liquid health products (flax oil, vitamins, etc), homemade Italian dressing, eggs (courtesy of our backyard flock) 
Produce drawer: 2 lbs of yeast (for bread baking), polenta and leftover homegrown salad mix
Freezer: frozen homegrown veggies and fruit, ice cream (for Sabbath treat), pizza crust, frozen organic orange juice (to mix in with powered kelp that we take daily), fair trade coffee (special occasions)

As you can see, here on the urban homestead we don’t go much for prepackaged or processed foods, I hope our fridge reflects our simple, backyard diet.

Our fridge does fill up, come mid week the fridge will be packed with our clients orders – edible flowers, salad mixes, herbs and more.    But basically this is what the inside of the urban homestead’s fridge looks like.  

Back in the late 1990’s we lived for about 4 years without a refrigerator; however, now with an energy rated fridge we are able to accommodate our our “bulk” shopping trips (the record we set was when one summer we challenged ourselves to how long we could go without going to the store — 1 trip in 8 weeks).     Going shopping I like to stick with the basics, because it’s all about narrowing down from the endless amount of choices modern day supermarkets have – that too, in itself is a challenge.   From these basics items we make our daily meals – keeping it simple yet full of flavor thanks to homegrown goodness.

Anatomy of a drought {Pasadena Star News}

2007 is a record-setting dry year
PASADENA – Despite the weekend’s rain, the city experienced its driest year since Pasadena started keeping records in 1878, officials said Monday. “It’s amazing,” Pasadena Water & Power engineering manager Brad Boman said, shaking his head while looking at the bone-dry Arroyo Seco percolation ponds, which provide the city with 700 million to 800 million gallons of groundwater a year. “After that big of a rainstorm, you’d think we would have more water,” he said.
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