The Urban Homestead project sprouted in 1985 and is located in the middle of Pasadena, California. It is a successful, real-life working model for sustainable agriculture and living in an urban area.

  From this bountiful one-tenth of an acre city lot, the Dervaes Family grows and sells seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits and edible flowers thru their Farm Box Program.

Online since 2001, the Dervaes Family pioneered the modern homesteading movement, inspiring millions worldwide to take small steps towards a more sustainable life no matter where they lived. This fertile revolution has seeded hope and inspiration around the world via their website
(, award-winning short film
( ), and various outreach

Growing the Future

Not only are we growing (and preserving) food but we are growing community, too. With farm dinners and skill-share workshops, our little farm in the city is fostering a face-to-face relationships where people come meet other people. Our home, turned homestead, is now a “Homestead Hub” offering many events – from farm dinners, to after school programs, workshops and more!

Urban Homestead Institute future plans and mission are based on:

*continue to provide much-needed space for more workshops, training, and presentations (along with the chance to offer scholarships/sliding
scale fees)

*help us to nurture at-risk youth, local artists, craftspeople, and musicians

*create affordable co-housing opportunities for individuals seeking hands-on homesteading experience who are willing to work, learn, and live alongside us via limited-term internships

*allow the non profit to hire a staff person to assist with Community Outreach and Advocacy

*acquisition of additional facility to keep up with the demand for locally-sourced organic produce

*create an atmosphere of community-participation via health & wellness retreats and arts-related events

We could go on and on with endless ideas and enthusiasm, but our ultimate goal is to forge a path that will demonstrate how accessible a healthy, sustainable lifestyle can be no matter where you are.

We hope you will consider joining us as we look to share, teach, and grow the future. Thank you for being a part of our journey thus far. We hope through our nonprofit, we can deepen the roots that connect all of us to this place we call home.

On behalf of the Urban Homestead Institute Team.

Anais, Justin, Jordanne, Will, Christina, Sanjay, Andrew & Aaron



– Volunteer & Homestead Training Program

– Education Program  – Schools, scouts, at risk youth

– Media Materials (webinar & virtual tours)

– Supplies & Equipment

– Scholarship

– Outreach Coordinator  & Assistant 


$500 – Recognition on website

$500-$1,000 –  Engraved leaf on donor tree (located on a wall in the community classroom)

$5,000 – Engraved rock placed in garden

$10,000+- Engraved plaque on structures

Want to make your payment/contribution by check? Make your check payable to ‘Urban Homestead Institute‘ and mail to 631 Cypress Ave, Pasadena CA 91103

—OR —

Consider a sponsorship! Sponsors will be recognized our podcast, website,  events and marketing materials.  E-mail with any questions.

Your  donation is to Urban Homestead Institute and is tax-deductible.

501 (c)(3)  non profit   EIN # 84-2451430

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