THEN: Spanky arrives at the urban homestead NOW: all grown up into a handsome fella

Another baby pic …. and now. Boy, does he sure fill up the chair

Orange Tabby

An urban homestead’s not complete without its collection of cats. Over the years we’ve adopted our fair share of strays and abandon kittens. And our latest cat addition, ‘Spanky’ (a.k.a “Boo,” “Boogger”), is another in the long line of cats we’ve loved over the years.

Spanky (named after one of ‘The Little Rascals’) came to us two summers ago. Apparently some people on our block were killing his mother and her kittens. A woman up the street, knowing Jordanne’s love of animals, rescued him from apparent death and ran him screaming to our house. I remember the day clearly. I was in the backyard and heard the wailing of what seemed to be a kitten in distress and here was our neighbor carrying this poor little guy whose eyes were barely open, imploring us to take him and save him from the cruelty of some kids who had nothing better to do than kill animals. So, that’s how this blue eyed, not yet weaned (“bottle baby”) came into our lives. Of course, he has no inklings he’s a cat and rather considers himself particular to the human species.

Yesterday we received this inquiry about our cat:

I just got my latest issue [Mother Earth] in today’s mail and loved the photos in the See You gallery. But it has generated a bit of a disagreement in our home! The photo of the kitten … could you please tell me if it is a housecat or a bobcat baby?I know this sounds silly, but it’s gotten a pretty spirited debate going ….We’re looking forward to your reply! And looking at more photo galleries on your website now that we’ve found it.Have a wonderful day,Julie Town of Poy SippiWisconsin

He’s certainly not a “bobcat,” but does his best to defend the urban homestead from other cats in the neighborhood! Julie, thanks for your positive comments and found the pictures to be enjoyable and even going as far as spurring a spirited debate! Hope that settles that family disagreement. 😉

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  1. Ginny says:

    What a beautiful cat! He is the spitting image of our Buddy. 😀

  2. Maritzia says:

    Ahhhhh…what a precious baby he was, and what a handsome boy he is now.

    I know how these things happen. My husband and I have SUCKER written in huge letters on our foreheads *laughs*. The vet calls us whenever they get a stray. However, with our current 3 dogs and two cats and a small house, we’re full up at the moment.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a hard start for a helpless baby. I hope you called the police or the Humane Society!


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