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Q. What brand of roofing did you choose?
A. Even though we are very happy with the roof material we cannot make a recommendation at this time because we feel that it would be premature.
Why? Even though, after months of research, we did choose a brand of stone coated metal shakes [there are about1/2 dozen companies companies that make such products] we aren’t at all pleased with the contractor in this area who is certified to install this brand of roofing.
We chose this brand because:
» the metal “shakes” are not too “fake Disneyish-looking,” » has acrylic not Teflon or PVC coating» ENERGY STAR rated» contains recycled content» drinking water safe» energy efficient» end-of-life recyclability» LEED certified» good color choices» clean manufacturing process
There are still some issues we have with his service and oversight of the work going on. If the certified contractor they give is a reflection of the company, this has been a real disappointment. Because the other stone coated metal roofing brands are almost similar to the one we chose, the most important thing is the installation and service; and that’s where we have a problem.
So, until those issues are resolved we are reluctant to name this company or brand of shingles that we chose.   We are expecting a call from a representative of the metal roof makers and if we don’t here from him by Monday then we are going to ask to speak with their president.
We’ll keep our readers posted.

[Update 1/16/2007: We incorrectly used the term “certified” to refer to the licensed roofing contractor who installed our roof. Through a series of misunderstandings, we came to assume that the contractor was specifically certified to install our brand of roof, and we failed to verify our assumption. The roofing company does not certify contractors. To date, the company has been very responsive to our concerns about the contractor.]

Q. Is the metal roof drinking water safe
A. YES! Our roof is considered “drinking water SAFE”  by World Health Organization’s standards.   This element was a major factor in what brand we chose.

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  1. Nancy Kelly says:

    It really is beautiful! I guess I have preconceptions of the “amateur job” – but that roof looks like you folks are certified professionals.

    Plus you must have saved a ton of money.

    Way to go.


  2. Mike says:

    Aaah! Drinking-water safe – took us six months of nagging and threatening a local paint-manufacturer whose product (dis)graces our (metal sheet) roof. Six months of being told “it’s not unsafe” to discover that this piece of prevarication simply means “noxious substances within regulatory limits.”

    Not at all safe.

    Fortunately we have found another small manufacturer who was a LOT more confidence-inspiring: Got the Chief Chemist on the phone immediately, and his unhesitating and unqualified answer was “Yes, our product is completely safe for harvesting drinking water, we use NO (zero!) solvents, lead-based pigments, etc.”