A tisket, a tasket,… Marley LOVES the bike basket. Enjoys going for a ride! (if you are wondering/worrying he does have a “halter” on that’s secure to the basket)

He surprised us how calm and good he was. Think it had to do with his “circus heritage”

Cue the circus music.


  1. bonnie k. says:

    What fun! Just make sure he doesn’t get his tail in the spokes.

  2. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, you have a dog? When did you get a dog? A dog with circus heritage? You guys are full of surprises. Wow, how time flies. You are into the fourth generation of chickens on the Urban Homestead. I’m glad to hear that the homestead is thriving.

    Temps here in Nebraska are cooling off at night as fall approaches but still in the 80s during the day time. We are only about two weeks away from the first frost date so maybe we will get an extension from mother nature this year. I’m ready for the winter rest. It’s been a physical garden year with building of fences to keep the deer out of the garden.

    Have a great California fall day.

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