Our Front Porch Farm Stand is growing and in desperate need of more space to show off all the foods & goods.  Lucky for me, I have two great handy men that whipped up this wonderful little cart.   Ain’t she purty?  Sorry,  folks, don’t have a link to any plans.  Actually, Dad saw a photo of a similar cart in catalog and, using the specs, he drew up the plans himself.   Dad’s a practical DIY’er and can build practically anything!  Pretty talented group of guys, don’t you think?

The cart’s NOT exactly finished — needs some shelf support and few shelves up top where I can put lighter food items; however, Sis and I got to showcase it at recent neighborhood fair and the cart got quite a lot of positive compliments.

The Urban Homestead’s Front Porch Farm Stand is open Sun – Fri (10 am – 6 pm)  Come on by, it’s a WHOLE new shopping experience!

Pssst, would you like that wonderful homemade “ORGANIC” sign?    A fellow homestead makes these signs  (“Organic” & “Homegrown”) out of recycled metal.  We are selling them online  and here at the farm stand.   They make great gifts!  I have both of them tacked up on my kitchen wall!

Speaking of GIFTS, take time to browse our online store  for practical goods for gardeners and modern homesteaders.  Also,   tis the season for giving and sis & I will be making up some gift baskets full of goodies to sell here at the farm stand!


  1. darby says:

    That cart is absolutely amazing!!! I LOVE IT!! It’s sure to be a beautiful addition to the “Front Porch” for sure. I’ll be down your way this weekend… only wish I had enough time to stop by, and meet you wonderful folks. Your journey serves as an inspiration to many like-minded individuals (myself for sure). Keep up the good work!!

  2. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, some of the best plans to build things are designed on a napkin over a cup of coffee. My grandson’s high in the air free standing fort was designed that way. Most of my projects are designed on the kitchen table. It’s just part of the challenge. Your Dad has designed and built a beautiful authentic looking vender cart. It is a good fit for your front porch farm stand. I’m glad to see that your front porch farm stand is doing well.

    Have a great California fall garden day.

  3. Jennifer says:

    WOW that is soooo cute! I am sure my husband wont be to happy to see it as I now have a new project for him. LOL. He just made me a harvest table for the kitchen, now there is no dishwasher. Tell your Dad and Justin they did a great job!!!

  4. SouthCoastGuy says:

    Cool Cart!

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