Disposing of biodiesel waste products

Q. I live in New Zealand and am investigating making biodiesel from used vegetable oil. One of the problems I have is disposing of the waste product which will be filtered out of the oil as it is illegal to dispose of it in a land fill site, I was wondering how you deal with the waste products? Apparently there could be as much as 30% waste by volume from outlets such as McDonald’s. Your advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks and regards. Peter

A. Thank you for your interest in our project. To make our biodiesel, we use approx. 30 gallons of oil a month, and the waste oil that we have has only been used once by a caterer. It is so clean that we usually don’t even have to filter it! We compost the by-product of biodiesel, glycerol/glycerin.

What does McDonald’s in New Zealand do with their waste oil? I guess you could return the stuff you filtered out to them?

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