After a water soaked week, the sun’s out and we are finally able to dry out after a good drenching.  The two storms last week dumped 4″ inches of rain and boy did we need it – though we could still a couple of these storms a month until our rainy season ends in June.

Though the rains kept us in a better part of the week, we had another outreach opportunity (photos below) and working on putting together our crafty room (next is sorting out all the fabric and yarns!)

Speaking of yarn, I did finish a few UFO’s (unfinished objects) – so that felt good to finally get a grip on our crafty projects.

Sunday was a busy day with visitors to the urban homestead.  David stopped by to drop off extra greens from his garden for our critters and talk to Justin about bees, then Farmer Sergio came by dropped off some fruit and stayed a few hours for some engaging conversation, then two other friends joined us for dinner and dessert.

In the early evening, we went goat walking but that wasn’t all!  After the goat walk Jordanne & I went to see a friend sing in a holiday performance at her church while Justin and Farmer D stayed home with our dinner guest.  BUSY BUSY!

Another montage of photo from last week’s life on the urban homestead.

On goes the roof to the new honey shed.   Sure nuff, just like a thought, Justin’s new knitted cap matches his urban farmer camo uni  (that’s his version of urban homestead apparel)

Burnt tips. A bit of frost damage

Farmer D at the Pasadena Civic Center for a gathering of local greens for educators

Farmer D gives a power point to educators about the importance of gardening for kids.  The people putting on the convention informed us that Farmer D’s was one of the most popular and talked about presentations at the event.  WOOT!

Two more knitting projects – done!  Love these scarves and it’s certainly the weather for it.  Have some  leftover yarn so thinking about making some matching hats.

Jordanne spotted this second hand desk at the local Habit for Humanity store for $30 – made a good sewing desk (with lots of drawers for all the sewing notions and patterns)!  The chair and the lamp were second hand (free) and the sewing machine’s second hand too!

I bring in a tromboncino squash for lunch that almost looks like its namesake (trombone)

Unplugged kitchen.   I use our hand cranked blender to puree the cooked squash

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Goat walking and looking at the Arroyo Seco below.  We joke that we must look like “bag ladies” – hauling around bags filled with oak leaves for the goats.

Why are we gals so dressed up?  Well, like I just wrote, Sunday was a busy day with people visiting (David, Susan, Harold, Sergio) and we needed to squeeze the goat walk after dinner and before we headed off to see our girl friend sing at a holiday performance.  To save time we decided to get duded up (though I still kept my apron on!) before taking the goats out so that we could just go straight to the performance after dropping off the goats at home.

What a sight we must have been.  In the park, we walked past a “gangsta car club” wonder what they thought.   hehe

A scene straight out of Charles Dickens novel with beautifully lit City Hall in the background.  Now all we need is snow – not!

Farmer Justin saving seeds using the Food Pantry dryer racks

Justin’s combating the cold by growing a little more facial hair – nice!  Get any colder we’ll have our own Grizzly Adams!

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