Continuing our pictorial peek into life here on the urban homestead.  As for the previous entry with the fish: FYI, we won’t be naming them anytime soon in case you are wondering!

Weekend Wanderings

Farmers Justin & Sergio visit the local nursery that’s right across the street from our urban homestead and check out the vegetable selection looking for heirlooms.

Then onto another nursery around the corner where they check out the dirt.  Of course, we didn’t need dirt but as you know there’s something with farmers and dirt.  *grin*

Goat walk.  I hang with the ladies (scratching Blackberry) while Jordanne forges for goat food (oak leaves, sycamore, acacia, wild buckwheat, etc)

I harvest some wild edibles

On the way home from the goat walk – view of the mountains and majestic sky


Re-purposing.  Betty, our longtime friend and knitting mentor, gave me a sweater that wasn’t finished.  Ripping, winding and re knitting into a cute little shrug for sis.

Daily Bread

No knead bread is a staple here on the urban homestead.  No Knead Bread recipe

Tasty Treats

Jordanne, who loves to bake, whips up a tasty meyer lemon pound cake made with duck eggs.  Oh so good.

Beeing A Good Neighbor

Another urban beekeeper.  Justin (above) helps out a newbie beekeeper (below) who’s rescuing feral bees in the area

“Newbee” David shows off his bee colony

Ollas Go to School

A bunch of ollas (in stock and available) find homes at a new school garden in Pasadena.  (Photo courtesy of Sarah & Terry) Awesome work – way to grow! Looking forward to seeing more photos  as the garden grows.

Download OLLA PLATING GUIDE for spacing details, suggestions

Or see how we use OLLAS in our garden and noticed dramatic results

A homegrown revolution! Our Freedom Garden planted with Freedom Seeds

GOOD NEWS! For those of you who have been trying to order from  Freedom Seeds the other day and had some troubles.  The “Secure Certificate” has been renewed and we are happily back in business!

Coming up

Smokin compost pile, Amy our duck update, grey water project, and new graphs & stats.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I think we will be as happy as David when we get our bees going too! 🙂

    As usual, love the pics. And thanks for so many links this time to recipes!!! YAY! I will HAVE to try the pound cake… yum!

  2. Kj says:

    Thank you for posting all the pictures – we really enjoy them and it helps us when we can see things visually. I have a question on your no-knead bread – what type of flour do you use? I have tried a no-knead with home ground wheat but it did not rise and thus did not turn out. Thank you for any advice/information. We are envious of your garden – we have about 2 months yet before we can plant 🙁

  3. Angela Jones says:

    On an earlier post, Jordanne was picking cactus plants for some purpose. Have you shared that with us yet? I’m still curious as to what y’all do with those!

  4. Michele says:

    I love to see your recipes and craft projects, but I would also be interested in any tips, tricks, etc that you have about growing certain vegetables/plants. I’m sure after all these years you have learned through trial and error how to grow certain plants better. I would love to learn more specifics from your gardening experience.

    Thank you for doing this though. I enjoy your posts daily for some inspiration.

  5. katecontinued says:

    Are those pants on Blackberry?

  6. Jordanne Dervaes says:

    lol No, she has a white “belt” and leg markings.

  7. 1916home says:

    You can get a much richer, complex flavor (like sourdough) if you add just a bit of vinegar and some beer in place of just straight water.

    -3c flour
    -1.5 t salt
    -1/4 t yeast
    -7oz water
    -3 oz pilsner beer
    -1 tbl vinegar

    …and use the original NYT instructions…

    You’ll notice theres just a tiny bit more salt, the added vinegar and a little less liquid. I learned this from America’s Test Kitchen! Comes out AWESOME!

  8. jill says:

    Thank you for starting to include the recipes to go with your food posts, This is most appreciated.
    More detailed info on your plantings, bed prep and rotation schedule would make me smile even wider!!
    Like anyone I’m a sucker for a smiling goat in a hat!!!… but urban intensive planting info to go with all the pictures would help greatly. You always have such lovely bed photos but I have no idea what all goes into making them so productive behind the scenes.

  9. Juanita says:

    Thank you so much for all the postings! I look forward to them and they inspire me. We have one raised bed so far and just ate our first harvests of kale, spinach and lettuce! I would love to learn more about your compost pile and greywater system with pics.

  10. Patrice Farmer says:

    Did they set up a nursery across the street after ya’ll became famous? I think thats so funny! What kind of fish is it? Are you growing it for food? I know ya’ll are vegetarians but is it for food or Aquaponics?

  11. Will says:

    I have always wondered how you guys make your raised beds. What kind of wood do you use, do you treat it with anything to make it last longer, etc?

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