From rain & snow (on our local mountains) last week to temperatures topping 80 degrees all this week – whew, talk about whiplash!

But we are enjoying the unseasonable warmth while we can because there’s another storm on the horizon (next week) and there’s lots of work to be done.

Growing Your Own Groceries?

Need to stock up on seeds?  Don’t forget that we are carrying seeds that are grown by the people for the people at FreedomSeeds.org

Jordanne getting interviewed for an upcoming piece about urban homesteading

After being covered most of the winter from rains, Justin cleans and checks out the cob oven

Late winter garden gearing up for Spring!

Clay pot irrigation at work.  Get your ollas from our online store – support this site!

:: Fact :: Ollas are 80% more efficient than drip irrigation!

Pretty peas

Cabbage looking good

Carpet of salad greens

A “dry” river runs thru the urban homestead.  New greywater “stream bed”


Big bee at work on the flowering veggies

Utility room here at the urban homestead.   Shelving storing tromboncino squash, canning rims, egg cartons, basketful of wine making supplies and stack of wooden soap molds.

Liked this photo montage?  There’s more….


  1. Margy says:

    We’ve had the mildest winter in Coastal BC in a hundred years. You’ve probably seen that at the Olympics. This week I pulled the last of my root crops (still perfectly good) and worked up my soil for a late March planting. It should be a wonderful spring for us. I envy you all year garden capabilities.

  2. Andrea says:

    Unlike Margy, we in Ohio have had the 3rd snowiest February on record and haven’t seen the sun in months LOL. I know spring is coming, but from the looks of things, we’ll have snow drifts lasting til May. Thanks for a glimpse of green growing things and sunshine!

  3. Randy says:

    The clay pot method is fascinating. I’ve read about it a few times here but I gotta ask if you use just those or other irrigation method also? If you use just the pots then how many do you need in each bed? Or I guess how much of an area does 1 pot irrigate? Thanks!

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