Hey Pasadena residents, write or call your local councilperson telling them to “SAY NO TO COAL.” We want Pasadena to remain a “Green City.”  Mark your calendar for the Nov 20 City Council meeting!


City may renew coal dealEnvironmentalists shun contract extension

PASADENA – Green-energy advocates are fuming over the possibility Pasadena might rush a contract extension for dirty, coal-based energy before a state ban goes into effect Jan. 1. Pasadena’s Municipal Services Committee will discuss the contract extension at 2 p.m. Wednesday, 150 S. Los Robles Ave., Room 200. The recommendation will likely go before the City Council on Nov. 20.
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It’s a cat’s life

Urban Homestead Happenings

Sunday was a busy day in the garden. Besides the usual, it was time to pick up fallen leaves from our neighbor’s peach and pecan trees that are dropping all over the row covers in the raised bed area. As with any organic matter, the leaves are great compost; so, even though it’s messy, they stay on our property, making next year’s soil.   On Monday, the guys were working (with help from a local carpenter) on the sagging eaves and shoring up all the sagging points figuring it’s best to do it now before the new roof goes up.  

This week we are enjoying the last bit of lima beans. The avocados are blooming, the orange trees laden with fruit (so much fruit in fact that many major branches broke). The oranges are ripening little earlier than normal – usually after a good first frost sometime in Jan or Feb. But November?  The crazy weather continues to play havoc with the season.

On Monday we ordered a few more items for thePeddler’s Wagon we figured the more items, the more chance we have of selling something. Besides our concern and worry over such typical decision of what to carry and how much to buy we now are going to have to figure out where to store all the stuff – like we need more stuff in the first place. More ollas should arrive on Friday and other wholesale catalogs that we requested should come in the mail this week. We also were on the phone for a couple hours with certain companies from which, over the years, PTF has purchased sustainable products, asking if they had drop ship/retail programs which would allow us to carry their item and also save us some money. We have faith that our investments and hard work will pay off one day and that all the red will turn to black.

Thanks, everyone, for their helpful suggestions on what would you like to see on the Peddler’s Wagon. Much of what you listed we, too, have listed; it’s just that we have to start somewhere with a few items in hopes that we can generate enough business with these and then we can expand and add more items. As with any new business, it’s really shaky at first.  We’ve put ourselves out on a limb here we wanted to take a higher (harder) path than placing ads on the site or a donation button and we pray that it won’t break.  

Many of you wanted PTF related items (books, video, calendars, cards).   Books and videos are and have been on our “to do” list; however, at this point we don’t have the time to tackle these projects (please be patient with us we are juggling lots of things at the moment — a few things I have yet to post). Also videos and books would require even more funds and we are hoping that this online store would be able to fund such “PTF” projects.   As for cards and calendars, if we wanted them to be eco-printed (“green” ink and post consumer paper) the minimum order and price (especially for date material like the calendar) is a bit too much for us to afford at the moment – money is going out faster than it’s coming in these past two weeks. So we have a problem.   If that’s what our readers want it may be that we concede in getting a few calendars and note cards from a non-green source just to get feelers if these items would even sell.   We hate to compromise, but it’s all about trying our best.

What do you think?


Lots of drama going on behind the scenes here on the homestead, friends having crises, not to mention riding our own bumpy road.   What a reality tv show this would make.

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  1. Roger Gray says:

    As the most recently appointed commissioner to the now-defunct Utility Advisory Commission, I pointed out before the story broke that there was likely to be a carbon-tax or surcharge on existing coal contracts because Sacramento was bugged by the techincally allowed end run around a new state law.

    In addition to the other reasons noted, there is, in my opinion, a strong chance that this contract will result in surcharges such that from a pure economic perspective the contract will not be huge albatross around the neck of the utility.