“Peasant” Diet

Another post in a series of PTF weekly summer meals. As you can tell our meals we try to KIS (keep it simple) striving towards a more peasant-like diet that consists of what we have growing on hand.    Before the advent of the word locavore, with our eating seasonally and simply for nearly 15 years now, we have been accustomed to not having much “variety” in our diets. By variety I mean such extra ingredients our family would have to purchase from the store. We enjoy the simple pleasure of making meals that are wholesome and tasty using many of the ingredients that were grown only a 100 feet away. It is another step in our journey towards independence.

From these past weeks you can see some of our meals are somewhat redundant and it’s not because we lack imagination but they are the result of simple practicality. It’s a good exercise in being content with what simple ingredients have in the pantry and refrigerator and not being tempted by aisle after aisle that are lined with thousand and thousands of food products.   Like I mentioned we’ve been practicing it a long time and now, with more and more folks becoming aware of seasonal and local eating, there are much more resources eating local than there’s ever been.

When we go shopping we try to implement a “General Store” mentality towards our choices of food items we buy.    In our modern society where we are constantly tempted to try out new eating spot in town or recipe with extraneous or imported gourmet ingredients it’s comforting and empowering to narrow down food ingredients.

A friend of ours who recently wanted to treat us to a dinner asked us what our favorite restaurant was… our reply “our backyard!.”   The food’s tasty and fresh. So what if there are days or weeks when you eat nothing but what’s in season and you think you can’t eat any more because it may come out of your ears. We know that we better eat up now while it’s growing because in a few months we may not have certain types of fruit and vegetables growing.

[HG = homegrown]


B – homemade granola with homegrown fruit

L – earth oven baked potatoes with HG steamed green beans

D – leftovers, HG green salad with HG fried squash blossoms


B – homemade granola with homegrown fruit

L – HG green beans served over rice with HG tomato sandwich

D – brushcetta topped with HG heirloom tomatoes, basil and chives served with HG tomato and cucumber salad


B – homemade granola with homegrown fruit

L – creamed HG swiss chard, kale & celery, green beans served over rice with HG salad

D – leftovers


B – homemade granola with homegrown fruit

L – mac & cheese topped with HG raw tomatoes and peppers served with HG salad

D – brushcetta topped with HG heirloom tomatoes, basil and chives served with HG tomato and cucumber salad


B – buckwheat pancakes

D – homemade spanish rice and w.w. flour tortillas served with sautéed HG green peppers, tomatoes and cheese


B – homemade granola with homegrown fruit

L – leftovers from Saturday

D – pizza topped with HG chives, tomatoes and peppers served with HG tomato and cucumber salad

Food Preservation

As the temperatures heat up so does food preservation here on the urban homestead. So far this week…
– canned over a dozen jars of homemade apple butter made from homegrown Anna apples
– made a batch of grape wine with homegrown grapes


Longtime readers GM contributes $20 and JH $100 who wrote “I have been on your site for over 3 years gleaning “free” information and I felt I needed to give you a small token of my appreciation for your generosity!

We are extremely grateful for your support. As with anything it’s always good to have a deadline and we figure we better implement one for the improvements to this website — we are looking at setting the goal for October. There has been some progress made. We’ve looked into new tools that will help us make PTF better than ever. This week we’ve mulled over a prototype design and discussed plans for a new journal which I think you’ll really like and there’s also talk of changes in the works for the PTF site!   Here on the urban homestead our family has always striven and prided ourselves in keeping much of what we do (even the website work) in house, but with your support we could lift our work loads a bit and be able to hire some extra help and that means such improvements can be done much faster.  

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  1. Wendy says:

    Contrary to what you state, it looks to me like your diet is pretty varied, and further, it looks like, though it is simple, much of what you eat is actually pretty gourmand. When you consider most Americans subsist on hotdogs and french fries, eating fried flowers is pretty exotic.

    Thank you for sharing your menu. It’s nice to see what can be done with what can be grown on a small space.

  2. Kathi says:

    Do you eat eggs? I know you are vegetarians, but I was wondering. Also, I would love some of your bread recipes.

  3. debra says:

    I love any postings regarding your diet. I think your menus look very good. I noticed that you did not have any egg dishes this time. Do you still have your ducks for duck eggs?