Because of the recent rains we’ve been experiencing and now this latest warming trend of 80+ degree days, Jordanne spread/sprinkled a bunch of diatomaceous earth into the animals’ (400 sq ft) enclosure yesterday.

Diatomaceous earth or “DE” is a 100% natural cure for all manner of poultry ailments including intestinal worms/parasites, mites and lice. DE also deters any hatching flies!

It’s good practice/habit to apply regularly, especially in the Spring when temperatures start to warm and bring out all sorts of unwanted buggies. Applying DE in the dirt/mulch is good for when the chickens take their dust bath as they’ll get some DE in their feathers which will combat mites and lice.

Here’s Jordanne giving the enclosure a good dusting before spreading a new layer of mulch, straw.

de-1.jpg Jordanne applies DE (try not to handle the DE too much, it dries out your hands)

de-2.jpg Sprinkle here and there

de-3.jpg Raking the DE into the earth…and here comes Belgian Bantam, Lucie  (a.k.a Lucie Goosey) to inspect the process.  

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  1. Cheryl says:

    That is a great bit of information. I get great ideas and inspiration from your web site. We are in process of getting four chickens and want to do everything as natural as possible for them.

  2. Anais says:

    Hello Cheryl

    Glad you found this post so informative. Thanks for adding your comments.

    Look for more posts about raising chickens coming soon.

    Happy chicken raising!

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