Go ahead. Rush around hither and yon to meet that deadline. Circled in red on your calendar, naturally, is the date December 25. Our world is now caught up in the special season of giving. In modern society that means, of course, doing even more shopping than normal. Run ragged the rest of the year already, we feel “spiritually” driven and are culturally compelled at this one time to join together in a ritual of unparalleled buying frenzy. All so busy at work, we shift into 5th gear just to make it through the too busy holiday schedule. The whirlwind of the to-do activities sucks the joy right out of any merry heart. 

What’s wrong with Xmas? Plenty. For starters, today it is consuming us! There is so little holiday left in this holiday. Some crash and burn trying to artificially propel themselves toward achieving happiness at this culturally correct time. And some lose their shirts. It takes a lot of effort–not to mention money–to conjure up cheer on cue from an unseen, unknown director. Others make the most of the action by jumping in with both feet. Immersion is the special technique employed to get into this role; thus, we set the “stage” with lights, props, and some costumes, complete with a fine musical score. So, following a script handed down through the ages, performers act out their part in this very muddled pageant.

Instead, we should take a cue from Nature. Look! It is winter “out there” and the real world has begun to settle in for a long rest. But, our controlling culture wants to override what is natural and it has hijacked this sleepy season. We should let December be December. It has the right rhythm, one that offers restoration. Pure and simple, Nature has this course laid out for us. For real, lasting happiness, follow the path.