Cobber’s hand

June gloom still lingers.   The sun did peak through yesterday (and may today); however, some days we barely see any sun whatsoever. The latest garden news is that we picked our first handful of beans of the season and two peaches. The tomatoes and cukes are looking lush and green with lots of flower sets.

Unfortunately, a few more sizable avocados dropped off the tree (sniff). Frank, the nursery man from across the street, told me the soil is too wet. I don’t think we Californians know what wet soil is and how to deal with it. We are in such a habit of deep watering this time of year.

Ray came by again this afternoon with more materials and instructions on how to proceed with the shaping of the oven. We are slowly getting the hang of cobbing techniques and coming up with new ones as we go.

Our palms and thumbs are a bit sore as you can see from the photo of Jules’ hands (duct tape helps!). We eagerly await Ray’s next visit to the homestead to bring us some more clay and sand so we can finish and dress “Ms. Bug.”

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  1. dragonfly183 says:

    The duct tape is a good idea. I definitly had to try that. I just started digging the foundation for the first dome in my earthbag house and already have a nasty blister on my palm which painfully broke while digging.

  2. Anais says:

    Hi Dragonfly

    Wow, that’s so neat that you are building your own earthbag house!

    Duct tape is certainly useful. We use it all the time instead of those pathetic bandages that always fall off when wet. Usiing duct tape for bandages is quite popular practice with the chefs – delievering I’ve seen many a chef with duct taped fingers! 😉

    Happy earth building!