Sabbath walk with goats

I was somewhat surprised to see the “Sabbath” post get such a positive feedback and further inquires like “what is your Sabbath like?”  or ” Isn’t there WORK to do on the homestead?

Sabbath (which for us is Saturday) is not “puritanical” in our household it’s about enjoying life, family and friends.

So to address the question “What is your Sabbath like?”  Living and working at home sometimes the boundaries get a bit blurry and to us Sabbath is about refraining from commerce or hard WORK and not just work itself.  Yes, the chickens do need to be fed and one does need to eat so produce is picked from the garden.  Is that “work?” Hardly!  That’s life!   I love to cook, so make a special breakfast and dinner which everyone looks forward to.   I might choose to pick up my knitting, practice the guitar, call a longtime friend, watch a movie with Sis, take a walk,   “go out” to a party or friends or have them over.

I do so look forward to the weekly day of rest,  it’s a time for my body and mind to heal the hectic work week.

Sabbath is a celebration of a meaningful life  and giving thanks for all the blessings this life provides us daily.

What is your day of rest like?


  1. koreen says:

    I dream of living the kind of life you’re living… joining a community like this. I’m trying my best, but here in Alberta, Canada our growing season is only 3 months… 4 months if we’re lucky! Blessings. 🙂

  2. Lori says:

    Anais thank you so much for all the recent posts. I check several times a week, sometimes daily, for a new post and I’m always so happy to find one. I’ve been away for about week..busy with new farm animals & tons of homestead work so it has been such a thrill for me to find quite a few new posts “YEA!” 🙂 My day of rest is just that.. REST. We do what has to be done as far as tending to the animals & sometimes we’ll work on a new project but it is something we really enjoy doing but mostly we spend that 1 day resting (sometimes napping lol) reading, visiting & catching up on things we are researching online…that kind of thing but I always look forward to truly resting, recharging & being thankful for all of our blessings. Everyone needs that.

  3. Kelly Garriott Waite says:

    I stumbled upon your site this morning and so glad that I did. Lately, between a variety of projects, one of which involves moving to a new state so that I can both return home and get out of the fracking zone, there has been no time for rest. I agree that raising your own food and knitting is its own form of rest and relaxation. Thanks for this post.

  4. Cafe Pasadena says:

    If even God need a day of R & R each week, shouldn’t we as well!

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