Yesterday the guys spent the day taking shoveling out the old dirt from under the concrete and putting in a few new raised beds.

All this work has been taken place in the area surrounding the four kiwi plants that are growing on a pergola. Last evening, while we were eating dinner on the back porch, we noticed Ringo, one of our cats, eating the kiwi roots that were recently exposed.

In between eating the roots, he would take a break and roll around in ecstasy in the exposed area as if he had just found a patch of cat nip. We watched his antics with much curiosity and wonder what powers did the kiwi roots hold in making him act like he was on drugs. After he had his “trip,” Cassidy, our other cat, moseyed from her hiding place and totally went wild – wiggling, rubbing her body all over the exposed kiwi roots. OK, what’s going on here?  We’ve all know cat nip was notorious for making cats go into a frenzy, but kiwi roots? Googling this, we found out that:

It is reported that the twigs and young leaves of the plant have been used for centuries in the orient to tranquilize large cats in zoos. But it appears that felines were not the only ones on whom “cat powder” had an effect. The powdered plant used to be added to saki to increase the effects of the alcohol.
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Is this creepy or what?

This morning I surfed on over to and there’s an article titled “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” Why is this creepy, you might ask?  Well, this refrain from the popular Clash song has been rolling around in my head for sometime. Last week I used this same refrain in the journal’s draft folder where I had started writing some thoughts down. I said:

…Like the Clash’s popular song where they sing:

Should I stay or should I blow?Should I stay or should I go now?If I go there will be trouble and if I stay there will be double?

We, too, are torn between staying and going – moving on. As the new year rapidly approaches we feel a bit of uncertainty and anxiety of what the next steps are to be in our journey. In the meantime, we keep ourselves from worrying (or rather, prolonging certain decisions ) by keeping ourselves busy, concerning ourselves with daily life, business, and tackling new projects.

So instead of me finishing my thoughts on such a conundrum, read this young man’s dilemma on whether he should stay or go. I am sure many of you are struggling with the same inner battle.

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  1. Liz says:

    I lived in San Francisco five different times and each time I only lasted a year. I would retreat to the East Bay where it was a bit greener.

    Now I am in the exurbs of Atlanta. I miss The City. I’d love to move back to CA but who the heck can afford it? Nevertheless we are selling our home as it is not sustainable out here. Not enough sun to garden and way too far from our needs, let alone our wants.

    So I guess my song is should I go or should I stay?

    There has to be a happy medium somewhere.